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$1.25 Mega Millions Jackpot, Are You The Next Billionaire?

$1.25 Mega Millions Jackpot. Are You The Next Billionaire? Photo From: Poets&Quants

Since the Tuesday draw for Mega Millions jackpot at around $1.05 billion was not won yet, the next draw for Mega Millions jackpot will skyrocket to $1.25 billion. Are you the next American billionaire?


$1.25 Mega Millions Jackpot. Are You The Next Billionaire?
Photo From: On Common Ground News

$1.25 Mega Millions Jackpot

A total of 8 winners were reported to have won $1 million-$4 million for the Tuesday draw of Mega Millions jackpot for matching at least 5 balls. The lucky tickets were sold in Texas, California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina.

Don’t lose hope yet, you might still be the next billionaire! No winner was announced for Mega Millions jackpot just yet and since the jackpot was not yet claimed, the grand prize will rise to $1.25 billion.

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$1.25 Mega Millions Jackpot To Be Drawn This Friday

In a report from CNBC, lucky Mega Millions jackpot winner may take home $625.3 million lump sum or may choose to have 30-year annuitized payment that will be equivalent to the winnings.

The possible winner will not be the only beneficiary if the Mega Millions jackpot will be won, a portion of the revenue will be distributed to the federal government and selected states.

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