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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

Alarming Homicide Trends: Unveiling the Disturbing Statistics of Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois.

10 most dangerous cities in Florida. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

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10 Dangerous Cities in Florida

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach, near Miami, is Florida’s riskiest city. The number of violent crimes is way too high, at 16.72 per 1,000 people, seven times the national average. Murders happen more often here, making it a concerning place to live despite its beautiful coastal scenery.


Homestead is a charming town with farms, but it also deals with too much crime. People talk about safety worries, especially in certain areas. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 left a mark, and though some parts are safer, the city’s social challenges keep it on the list of dangerous places in Florida.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is known for races and parties, but it faces a serious problem with property crimes. The violent crime rate is almost three times higher than the state average, and property crimes are 2.5 times more common, showing that it’s not all fun and games in this city.


Lauderhill, with 72,000 people, has seen more property crimes recently. Violent crimes went up by more than 20% since 2018. The community is trying hard to be safer, with signs about watching out and active community policing.

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach deals with drug issues because it’s on the coast. There’s a lot of crime, both violent and property-related, influenced by how many people live close together. The city’s money situation is okay, but job issues make things a bit unstable.


Orlando, Florida’s biggest city, had a sad event in 2016: the Pulse nightclub shooting. Crime went down for a while, but it’s slowly going up again since 2020. The city is trying hard to make things safer for everyone.

Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, close to Miami, is pretty but has a rising problem with car thefts. Crime rates, both violent and property-related, are higher than the national average. While many people have stable financial situations, there are still worries about city living.


Jacksonville, a big Florida city, has crime issues that match its size. There’s more violent crime and property crime, but at least not many people are struggling with money. Jacksonville has diverse neighborhoods, each with its own vibe and safety level.


Gainesville, where the University of Florida is, faces more burglary and theft in some spots. The mix of college life and the local community means there’s noticeable crime. While many folks are doing okay money-wise, the energetic college atmosphere means keeping an eye on safety.

Lake Worth

Lake Worth is fighting drug issues, especially with opioids causing overdoses. Crime rates, especially violent ones, are really high, but the city is working on it. Recent reports show things are getting better, especially in certain parts of the city.

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Safety tips when traveling Florida

Choose a good place to stay in a safe area, and be careful with your important stuff. Avoid places that might not be safe, especially at night. If you go to the beach, listen to the lifeguards and watch out for strong waves. Protect yourself from the sun, and be nice to the animals from a distance. Follow the traffic rules when you’re on the road, and pay attention in busy areas. Know where to get help in case of an emergency and follow the health rules for COVID-19. Trust your feelings, and if something doesn’t seem right, be cautious. These simple steps will help you have a good and safe time in Florida.

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