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 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Milwaukee: A City of Prosperity and Peril

Cities in Milwaukee (Photo from Upgraded Home)
Cities in Milwaukee (Photo from Upgraded Home)

Living in Milwaukee has its charm with a thriving economy and abundant entertainment options making it a top-ranked city to reside in according to U.S. News in 2019. However, beneath the surface of The Brew City‘s vibrancy there exists a stark reality that cannot be ignored – the challenges posed by crime rates in certain neighborhoods.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Milwaukee (Photo from Southwest Journal)

The Most Dangerous Cities in Milwaukee (Photo from Southwest Journal)

The Darker Side: Exploring Most Dangerous Cities in Milwaukee

Delving into the statistics reveals that neighborhoods such as North Division, Franklin Heights, Metcalfe Park, Park West and Garden Homes stand out as the most dangerous cities in Milwaukee. Disturbingly, crime rates in these areas surge to levels exceeding others by 129 to 152% portraying a troubling scenario for the safety of residents.

Even in seemingly secure locations like Brookfield, Elm Grove and Haymarket cautionary tales persist highlighting the stark contrast between prosperity and peril. This disparity raises pertinent questions about the city’s efficacy in addressing the intricate challenge of crime and safety. Milwaukee grapples not only with elevated crime rates but also with a noticeable divide between black and white communities echoing narratives often associated with cities like Chicago.

The combination of obvious segregation and deep-rooted poverty creates an atmosphere that is conducive to criminal activity. By tackling this complex problem, Milwaukee highlights how urgently comprehensive and inclusive measures must be implemented to guarantee the safety and well-being of all of its citizens.

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Milwaukee’s Most Challenged Neighborhoods

Milwaukee’s most dangerous cities faced a tough 2020 marked by high crime rates. The top contenders including North Division, Franklin Heights and Metcalfe Park witnessed a surge in both violent and property-related incidents solidifying their status as the most dangerous cities in Milwaukee.

  1. North Division: In 2020, North Division reported 10,914 crimes, with property offenses slightly exceeding violent incidents making it one of the most dangerous cities in Milwaukee.
  2. Franklin Heights: With about a third living in poverty Franklin Heights confronted 10,803 crimes in 2020 with property incidents slightly outnumbering violent ones.
  3. Metcalfe Park: A compact square in Milwaukee, Metcalfe Park struggled with an alarming 10,492 reported incidents in 2020 highlighting its challenges.
  4. Park West (Amani): Formerly Amani, Park West faced 10,363 crimes in 2020 with property crimes slightly exceeding violent incidents.
  5. Garden Homes: In 2020, Garden Homes grappled with a staggering 9,886 reported incidents showcasing a high crime rate for its close-knit community.
  6. Saint Joseph: In 2020, Saint Joseph, part of Sherman Park, reported a staggering 7,874 crimes including violent incidents like murder and rape cementing its status among the most dangerous cities in Milwaukee.
  7. Brookfield: The bustling city of Brookfield experienced a shocking 13,292 crimes in 2020 with property offenses significantly outnumbering violent incidents highlighting its contrasting safety perceptions.
  8. Washington Park: Despite its lively charm, Washington Park faced 8,303 reported crimes in 2020 featuring severe offenses like murder and car theft marking it as one of the most dangerous cities in Milwaukee.
  9. Sherman Park: With a crime rate 90% higher than Milwaukee’s average, Sherman Park saw 8,433 crimes in 2020, emphasizing the challenges posed by a mix of violent and property-related incidents.
  10. Borchert Field: The cozy residential enclave of Borchert Field confronted a staggering 8,665 reported crimes in 2020 highlighting the neighborhood’s struggle with a crime rate 361% higher than Wisconsin’s average.

Milwaukee’s most dangerous cities grappled with alarming crime rates in 2020 shedding light on the urgent need for community-focused solutions to enhance safety and well-being.

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