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New Friday Night Legends board game brings the gridiron into your living room


If Texas had a state holiday, it would be the one we call high school football that is already celebrated every Friday night in the fall.

Texas has been the breeding ground for several college football standouts, Heisman trophy winners, NFL players and even Hall-of-Famers, but there’s never been a way to pit some of the best teams from different generations against each other aside from playing these fantasy matchups out in your head.

Chris Doelle and Michael Wright of Lone Star Gridiron are aiming to change that with the Kickstarter launch of their new board game, Friday Night Legends, which will be available to back beginning today.

It is a 1-4 player game allowing players to coach historic Texas high school football teams in dream matchups. Doelle and Wright aren’t just giving you team names and players though. Lone Star Gridiron has amassed the largest collection of historical data spanning over 100 years, and they are using that data and actual statistics in the game.

Doelle said he and Wright have talked about this idea for years as something they wanted for themselves.

“It was indeed scratching an itch. We talked about it between ourselves for the past three or four years,” Doelle said. “Originally, we were going to do a computer game but decided board games were hot and we loved the aspect of being together in a room playing.”

So far, everyone Doelle and Wright have talked to ahead of launch have liked the idea of having a Texas high school football board game.

“Everyone we talked to from coaches. former players and even folks like DW Rutledge, Charles Breithaupt and Rusty Dowling all love the idea.”

Included in the core box set of the game will be a game board, cards, dice, score pad, charts and 10 initial teams, but early backers of the Kickstarter will have access to extra features and other potential bonuses.

The 10 included teams will be:

1978 Sealy (Eric Dickerson’s senior year)
2010 Kerrville Tivy (Johnny Manziel’s senior year)
2016 Cibolo Steele
2017 Austin Westlake
2017 Austin McCallum
2017 College Station
2017 Longview
2015 Argyle
2017 Cuero
2017 Spring Westfield

But if you’re favorite team isn’t available to start, there are already some expansion teams being worked on.

“We have a big slate of expansion teams created (50+ already) and more in the works,” Doelle said.

You can find more information about the game and back it over at Kickstarter.

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