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One-on-one with the John Cooper School’s Evan Minarovic


Tony goes one-on-one with the John Cooper School’s senior quarterback, Evan Minarovic.

Tony: What your goals for this year?
Evan Minarovic: Our goal for this year is definitely to win conference. Last year we had a really, really good year up until against the Oak Ridge team and we lost on a Hail Mary. We came from 28 down in the first quarter and then lost on a Hail Mary and that kind of deflated us going into the last part of the season we were kind of really down on ourselves because we knew we wouldn’t be making it to the championship game. This year with how strong our senior squad is… we’ve been together since 6th, 7th grade, this whole group. We are all going to be huge contributors, huge leaders for this team. With that kind of leadership, I think we are really expecting to be able to compete for the SPC title this year.

Tony: How do you demonstrate leadership on this team?
Evan Minarovic: Definitely bringing the most energy every single day. I always feel like I need to be the most competitive person on the field at all times. I think that just comes naturally to me just being competitive and wanting to win, wanting everyone to be their best out here. I led through more action than I do verbally, bringing a lot of energy and being super energetic in practice. Always coming out here during the games being fired up. They see that kind of stuff. We have an amazing group of leaders in this senior class, Matt Krehbiel, Logan Leax, Trey Caraway – all huge guys, all leaders for our team. It’s not hard to lead by example when they are out there supporting me like that.

Tony: What’s next for you after John Cooper?
Evan Minarovic: I am going to Northwestern to play baseball. I’m really excited for that. Northwestern is a school I never would have got into – using baseball as way to get in there. I’m really excited for it. It’s a great athletic program, real excited about that.

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