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One-On-One with Goose Creek Memorial’s Bren Jones

Bren Jones - Head Football Coach - Goose Creek Memorial Patriots

Tony goes one-on-one with the Goose Creek Memorial Patriots’ Head Football Coach, Bren Jones.

Tony: Late in the first week of practice, how’s practice going so far?
Bren Jones: You know what, they were a little flat (today) but I will attribute that to they have been really getting after it the last four days. Monday was probably our best day. We are installing some new stuff. I’ve got a new offensive coordinator, so putting in some new stuff and we are just trying to keep it simple. So today we kind of slowed it down because we knew they were going to be a little flat. Yesterday they got after it real good. Real pleased we got the good numbers out. We probably got 98% of our kids out here now. That’s a good thing.

Tony: What can we look for from the Patriots in 2018?
Bren Jones: We were in a strong district last couple of years in 6A. We’ve dropped down to 5A. I expect the competitiveness not to drop. Although we were in the district that we were in, the kids never stopped competing. We’ve got a really good senior class, a lot of leaders. Most of those guys are on defense. So, we are looking to pick up on defense. I think those seniors that we have starting on defense, those guys were starting for us as sophomores. They have kind of gone through those lean years. They are pretty hungry to get some wins under our belt. We are in a tough district this year in 5A, but I still think we’ll get after it and we’ll be able to compete better.

Tony: A few players that I don’t know right now, but I’ll know before the year is over.
Bren Jones: Defense is probably going to be our strong point. Dalton Williams is going to be a linebacker, D-end. Taylor Cane, Greg Edwards they have been doing well in showing their leadership. In the secondary, Ke’Shaun Jnofinn has been good. Holden Hill has been good. Bryce Campbell has been sticking out. Our defense as a whole has been looking really, really well. Trey Crump has been looking well. We are expecting some great things out of them.
Offensively, we’re rotating some quarterbacks right now. We’ve got Emerson Haywood taking some snaps. We’ve got Reggie Branch taking some snaps and also Dillon Petree as well. Receiver-wise we’ve got Emerson, he also plays receiver, he’s an athlete and Trey Driver is coming back as well. So, we have some speed on the outside.

Note from Tony: When discussing the secondary, the wind picked up and really interfered with my mic. I am 95% sure the first name Coach Jones mentioned was Ke’Shaun Jnoffin. If not, I apologize.

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