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One-On-One with Houston Lamar’s Michael Lindsey

Michael Lindsey - Head Football Coach - Houston Lamar

Tony goes one-on-one with the Houston Lamar Texans’ Head Football Coach, Michael Lindsey.

Tony: Pretty sure you’ve had this question a thousand times, but what has the process been like taking over the program from Coach Nolen?
Michael Lindsey: It’s been a great process. Coach Nolen is still very involved with this program on the outside. He’s been mentoring me the past few months. He cares deeply about it and I’ve learned a ton from him. The other part of that is our staff has stayed intact and we’ve got a lot of guys on the staff with experience, a lot of guys that have been at Lamar for a long time. I’m stepping in. A lot of good things are going on here. There’s a lot of enthusiasm in the program. The kids are hungry. We’ve got a lot of young talent. Everybody’s excited. The new group coming in here is ready for their time to shine.

Tony: Wrapping up Week 1 of practice, how have your practices looked so far?
Michael Lindsey: The typical rust and mistakes. I think that the effort and the pace has gotten better every day. We are moving around better. Our habits are getting better. Certainly, we expect the mistakes to go away as we move on. I am pleased with the effort and with just the pace of practice. Guys have been upbeat, not standing around. Coaches are busting their tails. That’s been a big positive.

Tony: What do you see as the outlook for the 2018 season?
Michael Lindesy: We’ve got to come off the bat. We’ve got to compete. We’ve got a tough, tough jump from the start with Spring Westfield and The Woodlands, followed by Beaumont Westbrook and Hutto. I think the outlook is we’ve got to be a team that improves every week. We have to get better. I think that it’s going to be key for us to take care of the football early on and on defense to play solid. We might play a little more simple early on because of our youth but we’ve got to do what we know, we’ve got to play steady, can’t make mistakes early on with these good teams.

Tony: Give me a few kids that I don’t know right now, but I’ll know before the season is over.
Michael Lindsey: Our tailback, number 20, Cameron Kenner was our backup last year for Tay Tay. Cameron is explosive. He has really gotten better. Cam was pretty good in a reserve roll last year but I think will have a breakout season this year. He’s not a big back but he’s explosive and he’s tough. A guy that will be new this year is Ka’Veon Griffin, outside receiver. Ka’Veon will be a junior. Ka’Veon was injured most of last year. He’s got size and speed. He had a great seven on seven for us.
On the defensive side of the ball, we’ve always had great defensive linemen. We’ve got a division 1 commit in Kenneth Dotson, but the guy that gets overlooked is Trevon Johnson. He was a starter last year. He was a beast. Trevon is not the biggest guy in the world, he’s not small either. But he just does not pass the eye test some of the college coaches look for. He’s about 6’2” 240 but Trevon plays as good of technique as anybody. He’s very explosive. I look for him to be a force inside on the d-line.

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