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Q&A with the Louise Hornets’ 2018 Captains


Tony caught up with the Duran Vasquez, Colin Gonzales, and Aaron Cardenas, Captains of the Louise Hornets for 2018.

Tony: Just wrapped up the first week of practice, how do you guys think it’s went so far?
Duran Vasquez: I think it went really well. We had a lot of teamwork. Everybody seemed like they weren’t slacking or anything. Everybody was hustling, doing what they needed to do. Listening to the coaches and doing what they needed to do. The captains are doing good working together.
Colin Gonzales: We had a pretty good week. We’ve got a lot of young people coming up. They are not ready. We’ve got to work with them. As you can tell we don’t have many bodies but we’ve got what we’ve got.
Aaron Cardenas: We had a good week. Waking up early mornings – people aren’t used to it. It kind of pushes us to the next level. We all pushed through. You have to do what you have to do to go on with the season. We have some new coaches and we love them all. They fit right in with us. They know what we are doing. They know what we are capable of.

Tony: The regular season is coming fast. What do you think your team is going to be able to do this year?
Duran Vasquez: We are opening up against Ganado. They might be a little bigger than us up front. They might be a little more experienced. We are going to be tough to plan for. We are going to be tough. We are going to be in shape. I think we can get into the season and have a winning record going into district and compete for first.
Aaron Cardenas: The season is coming up pretty fast. There are plenty of teams that have bigger linemen than us but that isn’t going to stop us from being a capable, good team and doing what we have to do to finish what we started. The teams we face in district – we want to compete for district for sure and if not first, then second.

Tony: What are your personal goals for the year?
Colin Gonzales: To stay healthy. And to take care of my team.
Duran Vasquez: First team all-district. Really, I just want what’s best for my team. I just want to have a winning record and go into the playoffs with a good record and see how far we can go from there.
Aaron Cardenas: First team all-district. Try to stay healthy. Do what I can to help my team to better each other.

Tony: You’ve all been here since Coach Clawson took over in 2016. Give me some thoughts on Coach Clawson.
Duran Vasquez: Coach Clawson came in. They hired him very late, but he did a good job his first year. He worked with what he could. It didn’t go too well. We had some bad luck. But we pushed through it and got a playoff berth. The next year we did great. He’s a great coach. He knows what he’s doing.
Aaron Cardenas: Coach Clawson come in not knowing what we were capable of or knowing who we were. We came out to the summer workouts and he started figuring out what we were actually capable of and how much we could handle. The second year we got a playoff win. He’s a great coach. He’s man of his word.

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