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One-On-One with McGregor’s Judd Thrash

Judd Thrash - Head Football Coach - McGregor

Tony goes one-on-one with the McGregor Bulldog’s Head Football Coach, Judd Thrash.

Tony: You’ve been with championship programs at Westlake and Lake Travis. What have you brought from the programs you’ve been with before and what can you do to continue to build tradition here?
Judd Thrash: I would say discipline and structure. In those programs, Westlake and Lake Travis, one of the things is that you have consistent structure and discipline. There is always a process for everything you do. I would say I’ve incorporated that process here – the details of everything you do, whether it’s lifting, whether it’s your parent meeting, whether it’s practice, whatever it may be, you are hitting every single detail making sure that nothing goes uncovered.

Tony: You’ve had practice for just over a week, what have you seen so far, and what’s your outlook for 2018?
Judd Thrash: It’s one of those seasons where it’s kind of unique because we have so many young guys. I jumped on that quickly. I saw you at seven-on-seven. We played 41 games with our summer league, and our seven-on-seven state qualifiers. I tried to attack that monster early. Tried to get these guys a lot of reps. What I see right now is… I’m kind of proud of our guys. I see those guys being mature and growing up really quickly. Our season depends on how quickly we grow up. If we can grow up fast, we are going to be successful. I’ve been preaching to them the benefits of a positive team, the power of a positive team. Out number one moto is “Finish”. How well we do will depend on how positive we are as a team, how fast we grow up, and how well we finish.

Tony: Who are some of the leaders on the team?
Judd Thrash: Our six to seven seniors. Cade Zacharias is one of our seniors. He’s been in the program for a while. He’s a linebacker and running back. Cameron Hill is a receiver and defensive end. Preston Forestburg , Tanner Ledesma, Gabe Koerth – those guys are our leaders, our nucleus. I told those guys that, as seniors, it is your job to police the team. Coaches should be the backup. When you have senior leadership, you’ve got players leading the charge, you are going to have a successful team. In Lake Travis and Westlake our seniors controlled the team. The coaches were just reinforcement and backup.

Tony: Who are a few players we don’t know now, but we will know by the end of the year?
Judd Thrash: I would say our quarterback, Veandre McDaniel, he’ll be a sophomore. Zach Williams will a linebacker and running back. We’ve got a whole slew of them. Colby Franks linebacker, offensive lineman. Dayton Threadgill receiver, DB. Deondre Parker receiver, DB. Like I said, there’s about 11 or 12 of those guys who will make a difference. How fast they grow up will depend on our season.

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