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Q&A with Magnolia’s Ty Botkin, Lautaro Bernal, and Aidan Garrigan


Tony caught up with Ty Botkin, Lautaro Bernal, and Aidan Garrigan of the Magnolia Bulldogs.

Tony: You’ve been through spring practice, seven-on-seven, summer strength and condition, and now three days of practice. How are you looking for the year?
Ty Botkin: Everything has been going great. We’ve been working really hard. We’ve been practicing really hard. We just learned a new scheme today. We are doing a lot of things to get prepared for the season.
Lautaro Bernal: We are also growing as a family day-by-day. Little things like giving water to each other, lifting each other up when something goes bad. It’s a process and we are getting there.
Aidan Garrigan: We are making strides to become a better football team all around. We have a good family atmosphere on our team. I feel like it’s going to help us in the long run. Right now, we are making too many little mistakes. We need to clean up our execution a little bit, that will help us in the long term be a much better football team. Just clean up the little things and we’ll do wonders.

Tony: Personal and team goals for the year.
Lauturo Bernal: Winning. Winning State of course. But starting out by being district champs, going undefeated. Personally, being a better d-tackle, being a better friend, being there for my friends, and getting an offer from a college.
Ty Botkin: Team goals – bring everyone up. Everyone is important to our school, JV, Varisty, doesn’t matter where you are, we need everyone out there. Without the JV we couldn’t be doing what we are doing now. Keep practicing as hard as we can every day. We want to win. We want to get that district championship, that state championship. Just keep trying as hard as we can every day. Personal goals – I’d love to win a district championship, state championship, that would be assume. Getting an offer – that would be cool.
Aidan Garrigan: Team goals – our goal is to be district champions, playoffs, play in December. That has always got to be our team goal. That is what we have to be working for every single day. Personal goals – I’m hoping for a thousand-yard season, 10 touchdowns.

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