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One-On-One with West Hardin’s Cody Day

Cody Day - Head Football Coach - West Hardin

Tony goes one-on-one with the West Hardin Oilers’ Head Football Coach, Cody Day.

Tony: Two weeks into practice, just finished your first scrimmage, how is the team shaping up?
Cody Day: We feel like we have definitely progressed from last year. We feel like we’ve been getting a little bit better each day. We preach getting one percent better each day. The kids have really bought in. They work very, very hard. They pushed through the pain and the heat. At this point this year, we are pleased with the progress we have made.

Tony: What do you see as the outlook for the 2018 season?
Cody Day: We bring a lot of starters back. We were heavy, heavy sophomore last year, freshman as well. We expect to compete for a playoff spot for the first time in nearly a decade in our programs history. We are just excited about the potential opportunity and we are looking forward to doing something special.

Tony: Tell me about a few of the leaders on your team.
Coy Day: We feel like we have really, really good leadership. A couple that come to mind… Caleb Brown, he’s a senior for us, an inside linebacker. He does a great job being vocal, getting on people, being positive with people and he’s pretty physical too. Another senior, he wasn’t able to suit out today, Rhet Tapley. He’s a big force for us up front on the offensive and defensive line. He’ll get a lot of reps at the noise spot. He’s the same. He’s very, very positive. He’s kind of another coach on the field. We are really pleased with our senior leadership. We think those guys will be really important for us this year.

Tony: Who are a few players we don’t know right know, but we’ll know by the end of the year?
Coy Day: One is our tailback, Randon Kelly. He’s a sophomore. Last year as a freshman he averaged nearly seven yards a carry. We feel like he has the potential to rush for a lot of yards behind our offensive line. He’s explosive. He has good vision. He has enough speed at the 2A level to be dangerous. Another kid who is going to be a big force for us is Isaac Murphy. He’s an inside linebacker. He’s also a guard for us. He’s a big strong physical kid. He just loves contact. Also, our quarterback, Jake Strahan. We thought he threw the ball pretty well today. We do a lot of quick stuff, getting him on the move. We think he is going to be pretty explosive for us. Also, Matthew Anderson is a senior for us. He’s pretty raw and hasn’t played much football but he’s our fastest kid. We expect he’ll be dangerous on the edge and one-on-one.

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