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One-On-One with Foster’s Shaun McDowell

Shuan McDowell - Head Football Coach - Foster

Tony goes one-on-one with the Foster Falcons’ Head Football Coach, Shaun McDowell.

Tony: End of the 1st week of practice. How is practice going so far?
Shaun McDowell: I thought it was good. I know that we are going to be pretty good defensively. Offensively we are really inexperienced but talented. Right now, we had everything installed from the spring as of yesterday. So, we had three weeks done in one week. I feel like we are far ahead. We kind of know what to do. We are still going to be figuring out how to do it and why we are doing it. I’ve been, overall, pretty happy with what I’ve seen this week.

Tony: For the 2018 season, the UIL did you no favors with your district. What are you looking for in your team this year?
Shaun McDowell: I’m looking for them to come out and just battle every week. I think our schedule is probably one of the toughest in the state. We are not going to shy away from any challenge. It was hard for us to find games based on our previous two to four years. I think it is going to be a battle every week. I am just expecting them to come out and battle and get better every week. I feel like we are in the SEC West of Texas high school football and hopefully we are up near the top.

Tony: Tell me about a few of the leaders on your team.
Shaun McDowell: I would probably say that our team goes the way that Dot Nwankwo, Chidozie Nwankwo goes. He’s a third-year starter and he’s only a junior. Robert Harbor, number 64, is another D 1 guy that we’ve got on the D line that’s a big-time player. Ryan Stubblefield and Cody Jackson, our quarterbacks. Cody can also play some receiver and we are looking forward to that. I like our leaders in backfield – Chip Barillas, who is coming off injury, and we got a new move-in named Cabe Lubojasky who is going to be the real deal. He played quarterback at Kempner last year. He moved in this spring. We are really excited about him.

Tony: Tell me about a few players that I don’t know right now, but I’ll know before the year is over.
Shaun McDowell: Well everybody knows Duece Fatheree, I think. He’s only a sophomore and played 13 games for us last year. He’s a captain, a big-time player for us. We’ve got Cody Jackson. He’s only a sophomore. He’s going to be really special on a state and national level. We’ve got some other guys coming. As far as who a shock might be is number 22, Kendall Johnson. He’s a senior. He’s grown like three inches this summer. He’s super fast. He’s Physical. He’s a coach’s son. He does all the things we ask him to do. I think he’s going to be the guy that’s like “where did you get this guy from?” We’ve got a lot of guys like Koleman Hardin, and another one could be Isaac Johnson. He’s a slot receiver. Played on JV for us last year and he’s really come one. We are really excited about the youth and the talent that we have on our team.

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