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Week 5 Greater Houston Preview


A look through the greater Houston area UIL districts in district play in Week 5 of the season.

14-6A OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Cypress Ranch (4-0) (2-0) Cypress Lakes
Tomball Memorial (4-0) (2-0) Bye
Cypress Lakes (3-1) (2-0) Cypress Ranch
Cypress Woods (2-2) (1-1) Bridgeland
Bridgeland (2-2) (1-1) Cypress Woods
Bryan (1-2) (0-1) Langham Creek
Cypress Park (0-3) (0-1) Cypress Springs
Langham Creek (0-4) (0-2) Bryan
Cypress Springs (0-4) (0-2) Cypress Park
Last Week
Cypress Ranch 52, Bridgeland 10; Tomball Memorial 21, Bryan 14
Cypress Lakes 28,Cypress Springs 7; Cypress Woods 41,Langham Creek 39
Bye – Cypress Park

The Cy-Fair schools may have split into separate UIL districts, but in doing so it looks like they brought the high uncertainty that abounded in their district to two districts this alignment.

Cypress Ranch and Langham Creek were the pre-season favorites to finish 1-2 in some order. Now Cypress Ranch has beaten Langham Creek in Week 1 and Bridgleand in Week 2 and is the clear favorite to win the district.

Cy Woods beat Langham Creek 41-39 on a time expiring field goal in Week 2. Langham Creek is now in a 0-2 hole in district play and may be in danger of missing the playoffs.

The biggest challenge to Cy-Fair for the district title may come from Tomball Memorial. Tomball Memorial beat Cy Woods Week 1 and Bryan Week 2. Tomball Memorial plays Langham Creek in Week 6 (after their bye week this week) and Cy Ranch in Week 11.

One key game this week is Bryan at Langham Creek. The winner of this game stays in playoff contention. The loser will be in a deep hole in terms of making the playoffs. The statistical model vary widely on this game. Calpreps has Bryan winning 21-17. MasseyRatings has Langham Creek winning 35-14.

I’m going to go with Langham Creek to right the ship and win by 14.

Another key game this is week is Cy Woods vs. Bridgeland. Both team are 1-1 in district play. Cy Woods’ win over Langham Creek has them in the center of the playoff discussion. A Bridgeland victory would put the Bears in the center of the discussion as well. MasseyRatings doesn’t have the Bears in their system yet, so they don’t have a projection. Calpreps has Cy Woods winning 44-26.

I think this will be a bit closer of a game but I’ll also take Cy Woods to win (by 10).



15-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Klein Collins (4-0) (2-0) The Woodlands College Park
Klein Oak (4-0) (2-0) The Woodlands
The Woodlands (2-2) (2-0) Klein Oak
The Woodlands College Park (3-1) (1-1) Klein Collins
Klein (2-2) (1-1) Bye
Klein Forest (1-2) (0-1) Conroe Oak Ridge
Klein Cain (1-2) (0-1) Conroe
Conroe Oak Ridge (1-3) (0-2) Klein Forest
Conroe (1-3) (0-2) Klein Cain
Last Week
Klein Oak 42, Conroe 29; Klein Collins 37, Conroe Oak Ridge 16
Klein 55,Klein Cain 21; The Woodlands 24,The Woodlands College Park 17
Bye – Klein Forest

The Woodlands survived a scare from College Park escaping with a 24-17 win in Week 2.

The Woodlands, Klein Collins, and Klein Oak are 2-0 in district play and look to be in solid position for playoff spots.

One key game this week is Klein Oak at the Woodlands. The winner of this game should compete with Klein Collins are the district title. Calpreps has this as a very close game with The Woodlands winning 21-20. MasseyRatings isn’t as high on Klein Oak favoring The Woodlands 28-14.

I’m going to also pick The Woodlands to win this game, and I’ll split the difference and pick The Woodlands by 10.

Another key game this week is Oak Ridge at Klein Forest. I have these teams as 5th and 6th in the district. The winner of this game may be able to compete with Klein for the 4th playoff spot. The loser will have a huge hole to dig out of. Both computer models see this game similarly. Calpreps has Oak Ridge winning 41-28. MasseyRating has Oak Ridge winning 41-27.

I’m going to stay in line with the computers and pick Oak Ridge to win by 14.



16-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Spring Westfield (2-1) (0-0) Spring
Aldine Davis (2-1) (0-0) Aldine Nimitz
Spring DeKaney (1-2) (0-0) Aldine MacArthur
Aldine Eisenhower (1-2) (0-0) Aldine
Spring (1-2) (0-0) Spring Westfield
Aldine (1-2) (0-0) Aldine Eisenhower
Aldine MacArthur (0-3) (0-0) Spring DeKaney
Aldine Nimitz (0-3) (0-0) Aldine Davis
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

This will be the first week of district play in 16-6A. I see this as Westfield being the clear favorite to win the district with DeKaney, Spring, and Eisenhower willing the remaining three playoffs spots in some order. Davis and Nimitz are the next two teams on the outside looking in.

And those two teams play each other this week. The winner may be able to compete for the 4th playoff spot while the loser will need to pull off multiple upsets to get in contention. Both computer models like Davis to win by they disagree on the margin of victory. Calpreps has Davis 42-24. MasseyRting has Davis 28-20.

I see this as a potentially close game, but I do favor Davis. Give me Davis by 7.



17-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Cypress-Fairbanks (4-0) (2-0) Bye
Cypress Falls (4-0) (2-0) Houston Memorial
Jersey Village (3-1) (2-0) Houston Northbrook
Cypress Ridge (3-1) (1-1) Houston Spring Woods
Houston Stratford (3-1) (1-1) Cypress Creek
Houston Memorial (1-2) (0-1) Cypress Falls
Houston Spring Woods (0-3) (0-1) Cypress Ridge
Cypress Creek (0-4) (0-2) Houston Stratford
Houston Northbrook (0-4) (0-2) Jersey Village
Last Week
Jersey Village 28, Cypress Creek 21; Cypress Falls 55,Houston Northbrook 0
Cypress Ridge 24,Houston Stratford 21; Cypress-Fairbanks 49,Houston Memorial 0
Bye – Houston Spring Woods

In Week 2 Cy Ridge knocked off Stratford to position themselves to contend for the playoffs. Stratford may still be in contention, but the loss puts them in a bad tie-breaker position.

The first key game this week is Cy Creek at Stratford. In order to stay in reasonable playoff contention, this is must win game for Stratford. The computer models disagree on the winner, with both having this as close game. Calpreps likes Cy Creek 21-20. MasseyRatings like Stratford 27-22.

I’ll going with Startford to win by 7 and stay in playoff contention.

The second key game this week is Memorial at Cy Falls. We should get a read on Cy Falls being a legitimate district contender this week. Both computer models like Cy Falls to win this game. Calpreps has it Cy Falls 20-14. MasseyRatings has it Cy Falls 22-8.

I really like Cy Falls in this game and I’m going with an even bigger Cy Falls win (by 21).



18-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Houston Westside (2-2) (0-0) Houston Chavez
Houston Chavez (2-2) (0-0) Houston Westside
Houston Lamar (1-3) (0-0) Bye
Houston Bellaire (1-3) (0-0) Houston Westbury
Houston Sam Houston (0-3) (0-0) Houston Heights
Houston Heights (0-4) (0-0) Houston Sam Houston
Houston Westbury (0-4) (0-0) Houston Bellaire
Last Week
Non-District Play

The Houston ISD 6A district starts district play this week. Houston Lamar has struggled with a tough non-district schedule (opening 1-3) but is still the class of this district and the clear favorite for the district crown. After that I see Houston Heights and Houston Westside competing for 2nd in the district. The 4th playoff spot should come down to Houston Chavez or Houston Bellaire.

We should get a read on a couple of those teams this week at Houston Chavez battle Houston Westside. The computer models like Westside to win easily. Calpreps has this as Westside 35-14. MasseyRatings has this as Westside 42-14.

I like Westside to win handily in this one. Give me Westside by 21.



19-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Katy Tompkins (4-0) (0-0) Katy Seven Lakes
Katy (3-1) (0-0) Bye
Katy Seven Lakes (3-1) (0-0) Katy Tompkins
Katy Morton Ranch (3-1) (0-0) Katy Taylor
Katy Mayde Creek (3-1) (0-0) Katy Cinco Ranch
Katy Taylor (2-2) (0-0) Katy Morton Ranch
Katy Cinco Ranch (0-4) (0-0) Katy Mayde Creek
Last Week
Non-District Play

Katy is obviously the clear favorite to win their 10th consecutive district title. After that, the non-district games have left this district very murky. I think 2nd should come down to Cinco Ranch versus Katy Taylor and the 4th spot should come down to Tompkins or Seven Lakes, but I honestly could see any of the six remaining teams make or miss the playoffs.

The first week of district play sets up in a manner that should give us a good read on this district. Katy has the bye week this week. I’m tempted to say the three winners this week will get the three playoff spots, but I’ll hold back on that a little bit.

Cinco Ranch takes on Mayde Creek. Calpreps has this as a nail bitter favoring Cinco Ranch 35-34. MasseyRatings has Cinco Ranch favored 48-31.

I’m going with Cinco Ranch by 14.

Taylor takes on Morton Ranch. Calpreps has this as very close 24-21 Taylor win. MasseyRatings has Taylor favored 28-14.

I’m going with Taylor by 14.

The surprise of the district thus far in 2018 is Tompkins at 4-0 on the season. Tompkins takes on Seven Lakes.  If my initial take on the district is correct, this game could decide the fourth playoff team. Calpreps see this as Tompkins 31-21. MasseyRatings see it closer with Tompkins favored 24-21.

I’m going with Tompkins by 17.

I do think those three winners will be the 3 playoff teams behind Katy. Change some of the winners and I’m not as confident and the district could wind up a real mess going down to the final games to determine even the 2nd and 3rd playoff spots.



20-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Fort Bend Bush (3-0) (0-0) Fort Bend Clements
Fort Bend Dulles (3-0) (0-0) Fort Bend Austin
Fort Bend Elkins (3-0) (0-0) Fort Bend Travis
Fort Bend Ridge Point (2-1) (0-0) Fort Bend Kempner
Fort Bend Travis (2-1) (0-0) Fort Bend Elkins
Fort Bend Kempner (1-2) (0-0) Fort Bend Ridge Point
Fort Bend Clements (1-2) (0-0) Fort Bend Bush
Fort Bend Austin (0-3) (0-0) Fort Bend Dulles
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

Ridge Point is obviously the consensus favorite to win the Fort Bend district. After that I see Bush and Travis contending for 2nd/ 3rd place. The final playoff spot should come down to Dulles or Elkins.

Elkins and Travis play this week. Both computer models see this as an easy Tarvis victory. Calpreps has Travis 44-26. MasseyRating has this as Travis 48-31.

I’m going to stay in line with the models and pick Travis to win by 17.



21-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Galena Park North Shore (3-0) (0-0) La Porte
Sheldon C.E. King (3-0) (0-0) Beaumont West Brook
Beaumont West Brook (2-1) (0-0) Sheldon C.E. King
Baytown Sterling (2-1) (0-0) Beaumont United
Deer Park (1-2) (0-0) Channelview
Channelview (1-2) (0-0) Deer Park
La Porte (0-3) (0-0) Galena Park North Shore
Beaumont United (0-3) (0-0) Baytown Sterling
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

North Shore is not only the favorite to win this district, but should be the favorite to win region 3 this year. I would have West Brook 2nd, CE King 3rd, and Deer Park and Baytown Sterling contending for the 4th playoff spot.

District play starts with a game that should define the 2nd and 3rd spots as West Brook plays CE King. Calpreps sees this as a 38-31 West Brook win. MasseyRating increases the margin of West Brook victory to 42-28.

I’m going to line up with Calpreps on this one and pick West Brook by 7.



22-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Pasadena South Houston (4-0) (2-0) Humble Kingwood
Humble Summer Creek (2-2) (2-0) Bye
Humble Atascocita (2-1) (1-0) Pasadena Sam Rayburn
Humble (3-1) (1-1) Pasadena Memorial
Humble Kingwood (2-2) (1-1) Pasadena South Houston
Pasadena Memorial (2-2) (1-1) Humble
Pasadena Dobie (2-1) (0-1) Pasadena
Pasadena (0-4) (0-2) Pasadena Dobie
Pasadena Sam Rayburn (0-4) (0-2) Humble Atascocita
Last Week
Pasadena South Houston 47, Humble 7; Humble Kingwood 50,Pasadena Sam Rayburn 0
Humble Summer Creek 38,Pasadena Dobie 13; Pasadena Memorial 41, Pasadena 7
Bye – Humble Astascocita

Last week’s game produced nothing to upset the apple cart. Atascocita stays the favorite to win district. Kingwood should be favored for 2nd with Summer Creek favored for third. The year’s surprise time remains South Houston who has opened the season 4-0 for the first time since 1975. Let say that again 1975.

One key game this week will between South Houston and Kingwood. The computers models disagree on this game. Calpreps has South Houston continuing their disco throwback with a 31-27 win. MasseyRatings has Kingwood ending the Trojans’ dream of an undefeated season 34-21.

I’m going with Kingwood in this one but I do think it will be a close game. Give me Kingwood by 7.

Another key game is Pasadena Memorial at Humble. The winner of this game will probably finish 5th in the district but should one of the teams above stumble, be in a position to grab the 4th playoff spot. The loser is probably looking at finishing no better than 6th in the district. The computer models are once again split on their pick of winners. Calpreps likes Humber 31-21. MasseyRatings has Pasadena Memorial winning 33-27.

I’m going with Pasadena Memorial by 10.



23-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Houston Strake Jesuit (3-0) (0-0) Pearland Dawson
Pearland (3-0) (0-0) Alief Taylor
Pearland Dawson (2-1) (0-0) Houston Strake Jesuit
Alief Hastings (2-1) (0-0) Alief Elsik
Richmond George Ranch (1-2) (0-0) Clute Brazoswood
Alief Taylor (0-3) (0-0) Pearland
Alief Elsik (0-3) (0-0) Alief Hastings
Clute Brazoswood (0-3) (0-0) Richmond George Ranch
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

Strake Jesuit has been the surprise team of this district in non-district play. The pre-season favorite to win the district was Pearland and nothing has happened to change that, but the Crusaders non-district performance has probably move them into contention for 2nd place. After that, I see three teams competing for the final two playoff spots – George Ranch, Pearland Dawson, and Alief Hastings.

And the first week of district play features a key game as Strake Jesuit takes on Pearland Dawson. The computer models like Strake Jesuit to win the game. Calpreps has it Strake 41-14. MasseyRatings has it Strake 35-14.

I think it may well be a little close than either model has it, but I do think Strake Jesuit wins. Give me Strake Jesuit by 14.



24-6A OA Dist This Weeks Opponent
Dickinson (4-0) (0-0) Clear Lake
Clear Falls (3-1) (0-0) Clear Springs
Clear Creek (2-2) (0-0) Clear Brook
Clear Springs (1-3) (0-0) Clear Falls
Clear Lake (1-3) (0-0) Dickinson
Clear Brook (1-3) (0-0) Clear Creek
Alvin (0-4) (0-0) Bye
Last Week
Non-District Play

Dickinson should be the favorite to win this district. After that it should be a battle Clear Creek ISD schools for the remaining three playoff spots. Clear Springs, Clear Lake, Clear Falls, Clear Brook, and Clear Creek should be in the mix.

One key game this week is Dickinson vs Clear Lake. Dickinson is undefeated on the season while Clear Lake has been inconsistent. This game should give us a read on where Clear Lake falls in the district. Calpreps sees Dickinson winning big, 41-3. MasseyRating also sees a big Dickinson victory, 41-14.

I’ll not buck the trend and go with Dickinson to win by 17.

Another key game should start defining where the Clear Creek ISD schools stack up in the battle for the remaining playoff spots as Clear Brook takes on Clear Creek. Calpreps gives the nod to Clear Creek, 35-34, while MasseyRatings picks Clear Brook 41-36.

I’ll take Clear Brook to win by 7.



8-5AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
College Station (3-0) (0-0) Conroe Caney Creek
Lufkin (2-1) (0-0) Willis
Magnolia West (2-1) (0-0) Tomball
Magnolia (2-1) (0-0) Waller
Tomball (2-1) (0-0) Magnolia West
Conroe Caney Creek (2-1) (0-0) College Station
Waller (1-2) (0-0) Magnolia
Willis (1-2) (0-0) Lufkin
Last Week
Collegs Station 42, UANL 19 (non-district)
Bye – All Other Teams

College Station and Lufkin should finish 1-2 in some order. I think Magnolia West should be favored for 3rd place. 4th place should come down to Magnolia versus Tomball with Caney Creek possibly getting in the mix.

This week Magnolia West travels to Tomball. This game should help set the tone for the teams behind College Station and Lufkin. Both computer models like Magnolia West in this one. Calpreps 38-27. MasseyRatings 35-28.

I’ll also take Magnolia West in this one. Give me Magnolia West by 14.



9-5AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Port Arthur Memorial (3-0) (0-0) Galena Park
New Caney (2-1) (0-0) Houston Wisdom
New Caney Porter (2-1) (0-0) Humble Kingwood Park
Galena Park (2-1) (0-0) Port Arthur Memorial
Houston Wisdom (1-1) (0-0) New Caney
Humble Kingwood Park (1-2) (0-0) New Caney Porter
Houston Austin (1-2) (0-0) Baytown Goose Creek Memorial
Baytown Goose Creek Memorial (1-2) (0-0) Houston Austin
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

The top of this district should be a battle between Port Arthur Memorial and New Caney. The remaining two playoff spots should be decided between Porter, Kingwood Park, and Houston Austin.

And two of those schools (Kingwood Park and Porter) square off this week. Both computer models favor Porter in this one. Calpreps has Porter 38-12. MasseyRatings has Porter 27-20.

Give me Porter in this one by 10.



10-5AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Angleton (3-0) (0-0) Alvin Shadow Creek
Alvin Shadow Creek (3-0) (0-0) Angleton
Friendswood (3-0) (0-0) Texas City
Galveston Ball (2-0) (0-0) Richmond Foster
Richmond Foster (1-2) (0-0) Galveston Ball
Texas City (1-2) (0-0) Friendswood
Fort Bend Hightower (0-3) (0-0) Rosenberg Terry
Rosenberg Terry (0-3) (0-0) Fort Bend Hightower
Last Week
Angleton 48, Houston Westside 15 (non-district)
Bye – All Other Teams

This district features 7 teams that made the playoffs last year (2 in 6A) and a new school with a ton of talent (Shadow Creek). I see Angleton, Friendswood, Foster, Hightower, and Shadow Creek being in contention in the district in some order with the possibility of Texas City getting in the mix.

And right out of the gate Angleton squares off with Shadow Creek. The computer models are split on this one, which should tell you a lot out the talent at Shadow Creek. Calpreps favors Shadow Creek 38-31. MasseyRatings favors Angleton 35-25.

In going to take Angleton is close game. Give me Angleton by 7.

Another key game happening this week is Texas City at Friendswood. If Texas City is to compete, they’ll need to competitive in this game even if they don’t win. Calpreps favors Friendswood 22-12. MasseyRatings favors Friendswood 28-10.

I’ll take Friendswood by 14.



10-5AD2 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
A&M Consolidated (3-0) (0-0) Huntsville
Lamar Consolidated (3-0) (0-0) Montgomery Lake Creek
Huntsville (2-1) (0-0) A&M Consolidated
Katy Paetow (2-1) (0-0) Cleveland
Bryan Rudder (1-2) (0-0) Montgomery
Montgomery (0-3) (0-0) Bryan Rudder
Cleveland (0-3) (0-0) Katy Paetow
Montgomery Lake Creek (0-3) (0-0) Lamar Consolidated
Last Week
A&M Consolidated 42, Leander Rouse 9 (non-district)
Bye – All Other Teams

A&M Consolidated and Huntsville should compete for the district title. After that it should be scramble between 4 teams for the final 2 spots. Lamar Consolidated, Montgomery, Bryan Rudder, and Katy Paetow should be in the mix.

And the top two teams meet this week when Hunstville travels to College Station to take on A&M Consolidated. Calpreps favors A&M Consolidated 21-13. MasseyRatings favors A&M Consolidated 21-7.

I’ll take A&M Consolidated by 10.

Two of the four schools in the mix for the final two spots also square off in Week 1 when Montgomery travels to Bryan to take on Rudder. Calpreps sees this basically as a toss up favoring Montgomery 28=27. MasseyRatings likes Montgomery 35-24.

I see this as a pick ‘em game. I’m going to buck the computers and take Rudder by 3 at home.



11-5AD2 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Fort Bend Marshall (4-0) (2-0) Houston Sterling
Houston Sterling (2-2) (2-0) Fort Bend Marshall
Fort Bend Willowridge (2-1) (1-0) Houston Sharpstown
Houston Madison (1-2) (1-0) Houston Milby
Manvel (2-2) (1-1) Houston Northside
Houston Northside (2-2) (1-1) Manvel
Houston Milby (1-2) (0-2) Houston Madison
Houston Sharpstown (0-3) (0-2) Fort Bend Willowridge
Houston Waltrip (0-4) (0-2) Bye
Last Week
Fort Bend Marshall 52, Manvel 51 (OT); Fort Bend Willowridge 51, Houston Waltrip 21
Houston Northside 35, Houston Milby 7; Houston Sterling 68, Houston Sharpstown 0
Bye – Houston Madison

Fort Bend Marshall pretty much won this district on an 8-yard two-point conversion in overtime last week beating Manvel 52-51. The match ups this week don’t look to provide any close games or provide very much insight as to what looks to be a battle between Houston Sterling, Houston Madison, and Fort Bend Willowridge for the final two playoff spots.



12-5AD2 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Crosby (3-0) (0-0) Vidor
Nederland (3-0) (0-0) Santa Fe
Vidor (3-0) (0-0) Crosby
Barbers Hill (2-1) (0-0) Dayton
Baytown Lee (2-1) (0-0) Port Neches-Groves
Port Neches-Groves (1-2) (0-0) Baytown Lee
Santa Fe (1-2) (0-0) Nederland
Dayton (0-3) (0-0) Barbers Hill
Last Week
Crosby 35, West Orange-Stark 24 (non-district)
Vidor 44, Little Cypress Mauriceville 7 (non-district)
Bye – All Other Teams

I think Crosby should be the class of this district with a possible challenge from Port Neches-Groves. I look for the final two spots to be decided between three schools: Nederland, Vidor, and Barbers Hill.

The only game of interest this week is Crosby at Vidor. If Crosby is what I think they are, they should win this handily. Calpreps has Crosby winning 42-21. MasseyRatings favors Crosby 42-34.

If Vidor is able to run the ball (and the clock) effectively, they may keep this close for while but look for Crosby to wear them down. I’ll take Crosby by 17.



12-4AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Houston Wheatley (2-1) (0-0) Houston North Forest
Stafford (1-3) (0-0) Bye
Navasota (0-4) (0-0) Houston Furr
Houston North Forest (1-3) (0-0) Houston Wheatley
Houston Yates (1-3) (0-0) Houston Worthing
Houston Furr (3-1) (0-0) Navasota
Houston Worthing (2-1) (0-0) Houston Yates
Last Week
Non-District Play

I would think Stafford and Wheatley would compete for the district title. I would look for Navasota, North Forest, Yates, and Furr to compete for the remaining two spots.

The first week of district play produces two games among those teams.

In the first, North Forest takes on Wheatley. The computers are split on this one. Calpreps favors Wheatley 35-20. MasseyRatings favors North Forest 28-21.

I’m going with Calpreps here. Give me Wheatley by 14.

In the second, Furr travels to Navasota. Calpreps basically sees this as a toss up favoring Nvasota 31-30. MasseyRatings likes Navasota big 42-14.

Give me Navasota by 10.



13-4AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Sealy (4-0) (0-0) Fulshear
Bay City (1-3) (0-0) West Columbia
Needville (2-2) (0-0) El Campo
Freeport Brazosport (1-3) (0-0) Bye
El Campo (2-2) (0-0) Needville
West Columbia (3-1) (0-0) Bay City
Fulshear (2-2) (0-0) Sealy
Last Week
Non-District Play

I see this coming down to five teams competing for the four playoff spots. Sealy, Bay City, Needville, Brazosport and El Campo should all be in the mix in some order.

This has one matchup between these five teams when Needville travels to El Campo to take on the Ricebirds. Both of the computers see this as a very close game while both favor Needville. Calpreps sees it as Needville 34-31. MasseyRatings sees it as Needville 34-28.

Hold on while I flip my Mickey Mouse commemorative coin. Mouse ears for Needviille – Mouse tails for El Campo. And the ears have it. Give me Needville by less than a touchdown.



11-3AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Franklin (2-1) (0-0) Coldspring-Oakhurst
Diboll (4-0) (0-0) Bye
Crockett (3-1) (0-0) Trinity
Coldspring-Oakhurst (0-4) (0-0) Franklin
Palestine Westwood (1-3) (0-0) Elkhart
Trinity (1-3) (0-0) Crockett
Elkhart (1-3) (0-0) Palestine Westwood
Last Week
Non-District Play

Coldspring is close enough for me to consider them a GHA team, so I’ll take a look at this district too.

I have this as Franklin 1, Diboll 2, Crockett 3, with Coldspring and Westwood battling for the fourth spot.

I don’t think they’ll be many competitive games this week given the match ups. Franklin should win big over Coldspring. Crockett should win easily over Trinity. Westwood should handle Elkhart. If any of those aren’t true, then I’ll need to rethink this district.



12-3AD1 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Woodville (3-0) (0-0) East Chambers
East Chambers (3-0) (0-0) Woodville
Orangefield (3-0) (0-0) Buna
Buna (3-0) (0-0) Orangefield
Anahuac (1-2) (0-0) Kirbyville
Kirbyville (0-3) (0-0) Anahuac
Hardin (3-0) (0-0) Warren
Warren (0-3) (0-0) Hardin
Last Week
Bye – All Teams

Anahuac is just east of Baytown, so I’ll claim this district for GHA as well!

Woodville and East Chambers should battle for 1st and 2nd. Orangefield and Buna should battle for 3rd and 4th.  Anahuac and Kirbyville should be competing for 5th and looking to sneak into 4th if any team above falters.

The games this week in 12-3AD1 are interesting as the teams I expect to compete for every two spots play each other.

The teams I expect to compete for 1st and 2nd, Woodville and East Chambers play. The computer models like Woodville in this one. Calpreps has Woodville 35-28. MasseyRatings likes Woodville 34-14.

Give me Woodville by 14 in this one.

The teams I expect to compete for 3rd and 4th, Orangefield and Buna play. The computers predict a close Orangefield win. Calpreps has Orangfield 21-17. MasseyRatings has Orangefield 21-18.

Give me Orangefield by 7 in this one.

The teams I expect to compete for 5th and 6th, Kirbyville and Anahuac play. The computers see a close win by Anahuac. Calpreps favors Anahuac 21-10. MasseyRatings favors Anahuac 19-14.

I’m going to buck the computers here. Give me Kirbyville by 3.

The teams I expect to compete for 7th and 8th, Hardin and Warren play. The computers both like Hardin to win big. Calpreps favors Hardin 42-7. MasseyRatings Hardin 35-17.

Give me Hardin by 21.



12-2AD2 OA Dist Week 5 Opponent
Lovelady (3-1) (0-0) Burkeville
Grapeland (3-1) (0-0) Evadale
Evadale (3-0) (0-0) Grapeland
Colmesneil (1-2) (0-0) Bye
Saratoga West Hardin (2-2) (0-0) Bye
Burkeville (1-3) (0-0) Lovelady
Last Week
Non-District Play

Saratoga is close enough for me to claim as GHA, so I’ll give this district a look as well.

Lovelady is the clear favorite here. I expect Grapeland and Evadale to compete for 2nd. The 4th playoff spot should come down to Colmesneil or West Hardin.

Grapeland and Evadale square off this week. Calpreps sees a big Grapeland victory, 2607. MasseyRatings sees it a little closer favoring Grapeland 32-20.

I think this could be a closer game but think Grapeland pulls it out. Give me Grapeland by 7.



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