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A Day With the Hornets


Join me on Friday, October 5th as I spend the day with Louise ISD Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Heath Clawson. I’ll be shadowing Coach Clawson from his arrival at school on Friday morning until his departure after the game. I’ll be posting updates throughout the day, so be sure to follow along and check back often.


Coach Clawson locks up the locker room and heads home.


Coach Clawson and his staff tidy the locker room, sort through Jerseys, and get the laundry going. On normal week, Coach Clawson would upload the game film and mark the plays. But since next week is an off week, that will be done tomorrow.


Coach Clawson greets his niece, his wife, and various parents of players.


Coach Clawson checks with the trainer on the status of an injured player.


Coach Clawson is interviewed by the El Campos Leader.


Coach Clawson addresses the team. “We are not defined by whether we win or lose. We are defined by we play. You played hard. Play like that and we’ll win some games. I’m proud of every single one of you.”


Coach Clawson stands with the team for the school song.


The coaches are pumping up the team just before they return to the field.


Coaches are discussing specific adjustments/ reads with the defense.


Position coaches are discussing specific adjustments with specific players.

Coach Classing is now drawing adjustments on the dry erase board.


Coach Clawson encourages the team at halftime. Baiscally says way to come back after getting down early. The assistant coaches are drawing on adjustments on the dry erase board.


The Hornets are about to take field. Follow me on Twiiter for game updates.


Coach Clawson and the Hornets are back in the locker room for final preperations for the game.


Both teams are now on the field warming up.


Coach Clawson and the Hornets are now in field house. Players are stressing. Coaches are getting taking water , Gatorade, etc. To the field.


Coach Clawson and staff are doing a walk through of plays, reads, and coverages in the “old gym”.


Back in his office after the pep rally, Coach Clawson is reviewing his call sheet one last time before printing the final copy for the game.


Pep rally time.


Now back at school after eating lunch and picking up flowers to be given to the military/ first responders to be honored before tonight’s game.
Also on the agenda approving the design for basketball uniforms.


Now heading out to lunch and to run an errand with Coach Clawson.


Coach Clawson is now in a meeting with a grant foundation that is providing playground equipment (and expertise) that will be assembled and installed by volunteers on Monday.


Coach Clawson reviewing the game plan with the team. Going over specific plays, reads, goals, etc. for what they are expecting tonight.


Coach Clawson and the rest of the coaching staff now distributing the rest of the uniforms (and a snack) to the players. Seniors first.

Coach Clawson headed to filed house to get a few things set up for the players for tonight. Putting “Beat Brazos” tags at each players lockers. The tags were made by Coach Clawson’s wife Kim, a teacher at Louise Elementary.


Coach Clawson is now in his office working on finalizing the play wristbands for tonight’s game.


Coach Clawson oversees High School PE class. And reviews game film on his laptop.

Coach Clawson oversees Junior High PE class.

Coach Clawson checks in with the Junior High team as they prepare for strength and conditioning.


Coach Clawson greets his players as they arrive at school and distributes jerseys for them to wear to welcome the elementary students to school.

Coach Clawson grabs team jerseys for players to wear to greet the elementary students.


Just arrived at Louise High School to meet Coach Clawson of the Louise Hornets. I’ll be following coach Clawson throughout the day today as the Hornets prepare to take on the Cougars of Brazos High School from Wallis tonight in their final non-district game of the year.

Wednesday, 10/3/18

Before the season started I had the chance to catch up with Coach Clawson. Coach Clawson emphasized the importance of understanding small town life in coaching the players at a small school like Louise, “Well one of the things was that I grew up in a small town not much bigger than Louise. So, I understand what the kids go through were they are involved in so many things. I was kind of aware of how those things work. I was also at Poteet which is a smaller school, a little bit bigger than Louise, but most of our kids played everything. I think that’s an important thing that I understood that prior to coming here. I understand that the kids are constantly going and constantly transitioning from different things. Maybe they’re practicing for athletics and then they go to FFA practice. I understand that. I did it myself in high school. That was a big thing.” You can read the full interview here.

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