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2023 Report Reveals 10 Most Unsafe Cities in Massachusetts

Living in Massachusetts has its surprises, and it’s not just about history or famous places. RoadSnacks looked at crime in our state, and it’s got some issues. We’re high in setting things on fire, but not as much in serious stuff like murder and big fights.

2023 Alert: Navigating Danger in Massachusetts (PHOTO: Newsbreak)


Massachusetts’ most deadly city for three years. Its crime rate is three times greater than the state average, despite its pleasant image near Springfield. Property crimes, violent crimes, rapes, and the second-highest murder rate were common in Holyoke in 2020.


The most hazardous city in Massachusetts is Springfield, home of Smith & Wesson and Dr. Seuss. With a high violent crime rate and 18 murders in 2020, citizens are at risk.

North Adams

Tourist and cultural tourism in North Adams is becoming dangerous. It has the second-highest burglary rate in the state and the 16th-highest rape rate, despite its low violent crime rate.


The “Heart of the Commonwealth,” Worcester (184,850), is the fourth most hazardous city. In 2020, it recorded roughly one murder per month and several violent crimes.


North of Springfield, Hadley defies the premise that small communities are safer. Despite its size, it’s the sixth most dangerous due to its high rape rates.

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South of Boston is the sixth-most dangerous city. Despite having the fifth-highest violent crime rate in the state, it boasts a rich history and community spirit.


Massachusetts’ eighth-most dangerous city is bustling. Though it had 58 deaths and 184 sexual assaults in 2020, its vibrant communities kept it alive.

West Springfield

The eighth most dangerous is West Springfield, across the river from Springfield. Though violent crime is lower than Springfield’s, it has the state’s second-highest property crime rate.


Berkshire County’s largest city is the sixth-most hazardous. Its 2020 burglary rate was five per week, the highest in the state.


Between Holyoke and Springfield, it’s the ninth-most hazardous. Despite reduced violent crime, property crime is high. City history, community, and safety are strong.

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Safety tips when travelling to Massachusetts

When you travel, it’s important to be safe. Before you go, learn about the place you’re visiting, know emergency numbers, and share your plans with someone you trust. Keep your important stuff, like money and passports, in a secure bag. Choose a good place to stay, and be aware of what’s happening around you. Use safe transportation options and be careful in new places, especially at night. Lock your doors and windows when you’re not in your room. Stay healthy, and carry copies of important documents. Keep your phone charged and trust your feelings—if something doesn’t feel right, be cautious. Being prepared and paying attention help make your trip a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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