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2023 Reveals the 10 Worst Arlington Neighborhoods

The suburb of arlington. (PHOTO: google)

The worst neighborhoods in Arlington are Hutchins and Everman.

The suburb of arlington. (PHOTO: google)

If you’re looking for peace and quiet in the suburbs outside of Arlington, the nearby towns offer a range of ways of life. Some people like living in the city, while others like living in the suburbs. This has led to a scientific study of which places need to be redeveloped. Because not every neighborhood can be as charming as Arlington, the 68 biggest areas were looked at to find those that needed extra care. University Park wants to be as fancy as its famous neighbor, but not every neighborhood is the same. The study shows the 10 places that might not be on the list of the worst places to live in Texas but are still a long way from Arlington’s quality of life.

1. Hutchins

The worst neighborhood in Arlington is again Hutchins, which got the same bad grade as last year. With a jobless rate of 8.3% and the lowest typical income in the area at $40,129, it’s easy to see that the city has problems. The fact that Hutchins has the second-lowest typical property value, at $80,700, makes the issue worse. Even though the city has a low cost of living, it doesn’t have many services or fun things to do. While lower living costs may appeal to residents, the economic and housing gaps in Hutchins paint a picture of a neighborhood in Arlington that is having big problems.

2. Everman

The fact that Everman rose to the fourth-worst place to live in Arlington shows how bad the economy is. At $45,581, the city has the second-lowest typical income in the metro area. This is two spots higher than it was a year ago. At 11.2%, Everman has the biggest jobless rate, which shows how bad its economy is. The city’s typical house value is $122,300, which is the fourth-lowest in the country. Living close to Arlington gives people access to services, but the fact that there are so many fast food places and limited economic opportunities in Everman shows that the area is still struggling with social and economic inequality.

3. Balch Springs

Balch Springs has tough economic times and few future chances as the third-worst Arlington neighborhood. The city fell one spot from last year to this year, with 27,369 people, showing that problems are still there. The typical income in Balch Springs is $55,817, which is the ninth-lowest in the area. The jobless rate is 8.7%, which is the third highest. One of the lowest house values in the country is $153,600 in this city. Even though Balch Springs has a lower cost of living, there aren’t many things to do or careers to pursue. This is clear from the high rates of insurance fraud and adult high school dropouts. Even though the city has beautiful parks where people can relax and have fun during the day, the whole scene shows how hard it is for people to make ends meet and go to school.

4. Wilmer

Wilmer is the fifth-worst Arlington neighborhood, with 5,064 people living there and money problems. The city has a typical income of $58,187, which is the 10th lowest among Arlington neighborhoods and one spot better than last year. It is also having a hard time financially. With 3.1% unemployment, Wilmer is the 54th most unemployed city out of 68 that were looked at. The fact that the city’s usual home value is only $73,900 shows how bad its economy is. As people from Wilmer drive the 26.7 miles to downtown Arlington, they talk about how hard it is to make ends meet. This shows that the neighborhood has problems with jobs and the economy.

5. Forest Hill

Forest Hill dropped two spots and is now the sixth-worst Arlington neighborhood. There are 13,797 people living in Forest Hill, and their typical income is $50,100, which is the seventh lowest in the area. Unemployment is 8.5% in the city, which is the fifth highest rate among areas. At $130,500, Forest Hill has the eighth-lowest typical home value, which shows how different economies are. Being close to Arlington is good for Forest Hill, but its low property prices and high jobless rates show that it has problems with its economy

6. Keene

Keene is now the seventh-worst Arlington neighborhood, with 6,254 people. This is four spots worse than last year. At $46,497, Keene has the third-lowest median income among areas, which shows that the economy is bad. 6.8% is the 24th highest jobless rate in the study. It is found in Keene. The city’s typical home value is $162,600, which is the 15th lowest in the country. Keene has few economic opportunities, which is evident from its high poverty and low income rates, making it a less desirable place to live. Statistics show that Keene people have problems with money and homes.

7. Sansom Park

Sansom Park is Arlington’s seventh-worst area, with 5,363 people living there. Not much has changed since last year, which makes living in the city hard. The sixth-lowest typical income in Arlington is in Sansom Park, at $54,007, which shows that the area is having trouble with money. The city has the 14th lowest jobless rate in the metro area, at 6.0%. With a typical home value of $108,400, Sansom Park has the third-lowest house value. The city’s rating brings up problems with money and home costs at a time when people in Sansom Park are already struggling with limited income and job opportunities.

8. Lancaster

Around 21.7 miles away, Lancaster is the sixth-worst neighborhood in 2018. Lancaster, which has 41,057 people, has a lot of problems, which is why it got a low score. There are 36 people in the city who don’t have health insurance, 12 people with a typical income, and 9 people without jobs in Arlington (7.1%). The average house price in Lancaster is $161,600, which shows how the economy affects living conditions. Lancaster is hard to live in when you’re close to Arlington because of high unemployment and limited funds.

9. Cockrell Hill

Cockrell Hill is the ninth-worst Arlington neighborhood, but it gives people who live near Arlington a choice. The city of 3,858 people has the fifth-lowest typical income in the Arlington areas, at $54,088, which shows that there are social and economic problems. The jobless rate in Cockrell Hill was 6.7%, which was the 12th highest in the study. At $122,600, the typical home value in this city is the fifth-lowest in the country. Cockrell Hill might not be the best place to live near Arlington, but the fact that it has a low grade suggests that people who live there are having trouble with money and finding work while they look for a house.

10. Cleburne

Cleburne, which is 29.1 miles away, is the tenth worst neighborhood in Arlington. Even though there are 30,984 people living in Cleburne, the typical income of $55,159 makes it the seventh lowest in the Arlington area. This shows that the economy is not doing well. With 2.8% unemployment, the city comes in at number 57 in the study. With a typical home value of $139,200, Cleburne has the eleventh-lowest home value. Due to high unemployment and economic limits, Cleburne is becoming a less desirable place to live near Arlington. The study found that the city is one of Arlington’s 10 poorer areas when it comes to home prices and financial success.

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