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2023 Update: Americans will get their $4th stimulus check within weeks; make sure you qualify.

4th stimulus check update 2023: Americans to get new $2,400 payments in just weeks. (PHOTO: The U.S. SUN)

Teachers in Texas will get a $2,400 stipend through the state’s retirement program for teachers.

This year, lawmakers in Texas passed new laws that will improve teachers’ retirement benefits. The law says that pension checks must go up by 2% to 6%. So, teachers aged 70 to 74 who are leaving will get a one-time payment of $2,400 by the end of the year. The Texas Retired Teachers Association could give up to $7,500 to people aged 74 and up. On December 28, people who get money by paper check should get it in the mail. People who get money by direct deposit should get it on December 29. This law shows that the state cares about the financial well-being of former teachers.

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4th stimulus check update 2023: Americans to get new $2,400 payments in just weeks. (PHOTO: The U.S. SUN)

Track and claim your money: the IRS has released a tool to help you do that.

After the April 18 tax deadline, Americans can get stimulus checks worth $600 to $1,400 by sending in tax forms from previous years and getting money that they owe. The new boost plan is for people and couples who make less than $75,000 a year or $150,000 a year. After these amounts, the $1,400 check stops being given out at $80,000 for people and $160,000 for couples. Conditions are the same as in the first two rounds, but there are some changes to the phase-out rules. People and married couples making more than $86,999 and $173,999 a year can’t get aid funds. People who are eligible may ask for much-needed financial help after the tax deadline.


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