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2023’s Most Dangerous Countries: Unveiling Global Perils from South Sudan to Afghanistan

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

The 163 countries on the Institute for Economics and Peace‘s (IEP) annual Global Peace Index (GPI) are ranked according to their degrees of peace. In order to provide light on the global state of peace the report assesses indicators in a variety of categories including the degree of militarization the efficacy of the administration and the absence of violence.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google

Insights into Peaceful Rankings

The GPI considers 24 indicators encompassing factors like violent deaths, terrorism impact, nuclear capability, societal safety and international relations. These aspects collectively contribute to determining a country’s position in the global peace landscape.

Key categories include societal safety, militarization, international conflict and domestic and human rights. The report aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of peace by assessing internal conflicts, social security levels and a nation’s engagement with the global community.

With its multidimensional approach the GPI goes beyond conventional assessments providing a nuanced perspective on peace. The evaluation of these diverse factors aids in highlighting areas of strength and improvement for countries worldwide.

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  • South Sudan has been plagued by persistent warfare, which has resulted in infrastructure damage and ethnic tensions. A terrible civil conflict that raged from 2013 to 2018 continues to impact millions of people and essential services.
  • Russia which came in fourth, is struggling with a high murder rate as well as increasing political upheaval brought on by corruption and poverty. Large cities are generally safe although tourists should be aware of protests and small-time crimes.
  • Syria has been enduring a terrible civil conflict since about 2011 which has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation. Because of the continuous violence and the destruction of cultural treasures, travel to Syria is strongly discouraged.
  • Yemen has been embroiled in a civil conflict since about 2015 which has led to the loss of life, the displacement of residents and the emergence of terrorist organizations. Due to the high level of security hazards it is strongly advised against traveling to Yemen.
  • Afghanistan takes the top rank after more than 20 years of nonstop conflict widespread corruption and problems with administration that have increased bloodshed. Given the high hazards involved traveling to Afghanistan is not advised.

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