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2024: 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska

Alaska has the most dangerous cities.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska. (PHOTO: Travel Safe – Abroad)

According to the Southwest Journal, Alaska, the largest state, is like Texas, Montana, and California. The Last Frontier State joined the U.S. before Hawaii. The capital and second-largest city is Juneau. Anchorage, the largest city, located in south-central Alaska, where most people dwell. Alaska confronts a problem: 8.23 violent crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, greater than the national average. Even though it has 355 towns and localities, criminality complicates the state’s natural charm.

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska


More thefts happen in Sitka than anywhere else in Alaska or the country. There are 8,400 people living there. People rarely attack or do other violent crimes in the City Center, but there are bigger problems there.


With 8,000 people, Ketchikan, Alaska has a higher rate of major crimes than the rest of the country but less than the average for Alaska. Alaska’s beautiful city has four times as many crimes per square mile as other parts of the state. This is proof of how important it is to be safe.


There are 7,590 people living in the beach town of Kenai. Though it has a lower major crime rate than the rest of the state, Kalifornsky and Community Center are still not safe. People worry that more things are being stolen here than anywhere else.

North Pole

Even though there are 2,200 people living in North Pole and Christmas decorations are up all year, there is more property crime there than in the rest of the state. Clear Creek Park and Badger East have more crime. But there isn’t as much major crime as in other parts of the state.


Wasilla, Alaska, with 9,500 people, has more violent and property crimes than any other city in the country. Alaska has three times more crime per square mile than any other state. This makes people afraid for their safety.


With 5,458 people, Kodiak has more major crimes than the rest of the state, but not as many auto thefts. But there is six times as much crime per square mile in Alaska as anywhere else in the country. This makes safety measures very important.


With more than 32,000 people, Fairbanks is Alaska’s biggest city in the interior. It has twice the national rate of property crime. Even though downtown is safer than most of the state, there needs to be more safety.


Concerns about safety have been raised in Bethel, a small city on the Kuskokwim River with only 6,600 people. Violent crime is more than twice the state average, and overall crime is more than 5% higher than the national average.


Juneau is the state capital and home to 32,000 people. It has about the same number of major crimes as the rest of the state. But there is 25% more property theft than in Juneau. Downtown and Lemon Creek need to pay more attention to safety.


Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city with about 290,000 residents, has a lot of crime. There is 50% more violent crime than the state average and about three times as much as the national rate. It is more common than the state and national norms for property theft. Anchorage needs strong steps to protect all of its people.

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Safety tips in travelling in the most dangerous cities in Alaska

Alaska is sometimes called the “Last Frontier,” which means you should be very careful when you visit. For a fun and safe time, make sure you wear clothes, stay away from animals, and be careful when you walk through the vast desert. Also, make sure you know how to stay safe in the water first. Bears can be dangerous, so bring extra supplies, follow the park’s rules, and keep in mind that the weather can change while you’re there. Prepare for the unique problems that Alaska’s beauty can bring, and make sure you store food in the right way at camp. This will keep you safe and fun as you travel through this lovely place.

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