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2024 Kentucky Tax Refund: Key Dates and Earliest Expected Arrival Revealed!

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The IRS and Kentucky Department of Revenue begin processing 2024 tax returns next week. When can Kentucky taxpayers file and collect refunds?

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Get Your Tax Refund Faster: IRS Recommends Online Filing for Speedy Returns!

Over 90% of tax refunds will be issued within 21 days after IRS processing on January 29. If you file quickly, you may obtain your refund in a month. Individual returns may take longer to process and review.

IRS recommends filling out tax forms online and choosing direct deposit into a bank account for speedier refunds. This frequently expedites reimbursements. Taxpayers need routing and bank account numbers for direct deposit. Paper taxes are possible but slow.

Do not wait until January 29 to file taxes. Most software businesses will hold electronic returns until tax season begins this month. IRS Free File offers free online filing for those with adjusted gross income under $79,000.

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Key Dates and Tips for Faster Refunds in 2024!

Effective January 29, Kentucky’s Department of Revenue will process returns. Six weeks for e-filed returns, and 14 weeks for paper returns. Like the IRS, online filing speeds up refunds.

The IRS’s Where’s My Refund webpage tracks federal tax returns by Social Security number, filing status, and refund amount. Enter your Social Security number and refund amount on the department’s Where’s My Refund page to check your Kentucky tax return.

Federal tax returns, payments, and extensions are due April 15, 2024. The deadline is extended till Oct. 15. Kentucky taxes are due April 18. Taxpayers must remember these dates to avoid fines and late fees.

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