Home News This Week on the TXHSFB Coaching Carousel (March 31 – April 6)

This Week on the TXHSFB Coaching Carousel (March 31 – April 6)

This Week on the TXHSFB Coaching Carousel
This Week on the TXHSFB Coaching Carousel

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Recent Hirings

  • Santa Maria – Hidalgo OC Isreal Garcia hired March 28.
  • Maud – Tyler Chapel Hill DC Josh Turner hired April 1.
  • Bryan Rudder – Wills AD Eric Ezar hired April 1.
  • Lytle – Robert McConathy promoted April 2.
  • Alvin – Former Rosenberg Terry hired April 3.
  • Cleveland Tarkington – Port Arthur Memorial DC Zach Bass hired April 3.
  • McGregor – Terrell HFC Mike Shields hired April 5.
  • Brownsville Rivera – Brownsville Lopez DC Alberto Leal hired April 5.
  • Pearsall – Rockport-Fulton OC Edward Bocanegra hired April 5.

Recent Openings

  • Chico – The school board accepted Clayton Sanders resignation April 3 following a delay of more than a week.
  • Liberty Eylau – Steve Wells retires after 31 years in coaching.
  • Somerville – Greg Bagby resigns after one season with a 1-9 record.
  • Terrell – Mike Shields departs Terrell (5 seasons, 32-24 record) for McGregor.
  • Krum – Allen Oh resigns after two seasons with a 1-19 record.
  • Borger – Brian Coker resigns after two seasons with a 3-17 record.

Current Openings

Cy Ranch
Old Coach: Gene Johnson
Notes: Johnson leaves Cy Ranch for Waller after 9 seasons and reaching the state championship game in 2014.

Galena Park
Old Coach: George Young
Notes: Young steps down after two seasons and a 5-14 record.

Old Coach: Jeff Riordan
Notes: Riordan resigned after seven seasons with a 66-18 record.

Marble Falls
Old Coach: Michael Birdwell
Notes: Birdwell steps down after two seasons and a 8-12 record.

Santa Fe
Old Coach: Mark Kanipes
Notes: Kanipes departs for Brazosport after five seasons with the Indians.

Old Coach: Mike Shields
Notes: Shields departs Terrell for McGregor after 5 seasons with a 32-24 record.

Beeville Jones
Old Coach: Jerry Bomar
New Coach: Bomar leaves Jones are 3 seasons and a 21-12 record to return to Groesbeck where he won a state championship in 1991.

Old Coach: Rusty Purser
Notes: Purser out after seven seasons and a 32-47 record.

Houston Yates
Old Coach: Michael Watkins, Padriac McGinnis
Notes: Watkins was placed on adminsitrative leave during the 2018 season after Yates was forced to forfeit games due to elligible players; McGinnis was announced as new HFC in early March and then announced as “parting ways” March 29.

Old Coach: Brian Coker
Notes: Coker resigns after two seasons with a 3-17 record.

Old Coach: Allen Oh
Notes: Oh resigned after two seasons with a 1-19 record.

Liberty Eylau
Old Coach: Steve Wells
Notes: Steve Wells retires after 31 years in coaching;

Old Coach: Jim Bird
Notes: Bird steps down after 1 season with Coldspring-Oakhurst.

Old Coach: Darren Hylander
Notes: Hylander steps down after 1 season with a 6-4 record.

Blooming Grove
Old Coach: Lawrence Williams
Notes: Williams steps down after five seasons and a 22-29 record with Blooming Grove.

Old Coach: Cody Fagan
Notes: Fagan departs for Whitesboro after 2 seasons with a 9-10 record.

Old Coach: WT Johnson
Notes: Johnson announced his retirement March 25 after 8 seasons and two consecutive state championships.

Rio Vista
Old Coach: Jeff Stockton
Notes: Stockton out after 5 season and a 13-37 record.

Old Coach: Brandon Brown
Notes: Brown’s contract not renewed after 5 seasons and a 22-26 record.

Ben Bolt
Old Coach: Ray Ramos
Notes: Ramos steps down after 2 seasons and a 9-10 record.

Old Coach: J.B. Chaney
Notes: Chaney steps down after 5 season with a 23-28 record.

Old Coach: Clayton Sanders
Notes: Sanders tendered his resignation but the school board delayed in accepting the regisnation until April 3.

De Leon
Old Coach: David Yeager
Notes: Yeager steps down after 7 seasons and a 52-33 record.

Old Coach: Stephen Hodge
Notes: Hodge steps down after 2 seasons with 4-17 record.

Old Coach: Jason Keller
Notes: Keller is out after 8 seasons and a 39-37 record.

Old Coach: Dewaski Davis
Notes: Davis stesp down after 11 seasons and a 54-67 record.

Old Coach: Daniel Brittain
Notes: Brittain out after five seasons with a 41-17 record.

Old Coach: Corby Maurer
Notes: Maurer steps down after one season and a 10-2 record.

Old Coach: Heath Clawson
Notes: Clawson steps down after 3 seasons and a 10-23 record.

Old Coach: Scott Royal
Notes: Royal resigns after two seasons and 4-16 record.

Old Coach: Greg Bagby
Notes: Bagby resigns after one season with a 1-9 record.

Old Coach: Wade Williams
Notes: Williams resigns after 11 season and a 122-22 record.

Openings Filled So Far This Off Season

Aldine Davis
New Coach: Scott Joseph
Old Coach: James Showers
Notes: Morton Ranch DC Joseph hired on February 27.

New Coach: Tim Teykl
Old Coach: Buddy Hardin
Notes: Former Rosenberg Terry HFC hired April 3.

New Coach: Danny Youngs
Old Coach: Dean DeAtley
Notes: Youngs moves over from Wichita Falls Hirschi were he compiled a 30-29 record in five seasons making the playoffs four of the five seasons.

San Antonio Clark
New Coach: J.L. Geist
Old Coach: Steve McGhee
Notes: Geist moves over from Fort Bend Dulles were he compiled a 17-12 record in three seasons.

Cypress Ridge
New Coach: Andrew Shanle
Old Coach: Gary Thiebaud
Notes: Cypress Ranch DC Shanle takes over as a HFC and AC at Cypress Ridge. Shanle is a former NFL player and won Super Bowl with the Giants in 2007.

Dallas Molina
New Coach: Lance Cruner
Old Coach: Mike Nucci
Notes: Cedar Hill assistant Bruner hired March 28.

Del Rio
New Coach: Rod Taylor
Old Coach: French McCrea
Notes: Taylor was OC in Hutchison, Kansas and was previous OC at Del Rio.

New Coach: Calude Mathis
Old Coach: Mike Robinson
Notes: Mathis returns to DeSoto were he coached from 2008-2014. Mathis was most recently Marshall HFC for two years following a stint as SMU running backs coach.

Fort Bend Dulles
New Coach: Shane Byrd
Old Coach: J. L. Geist
Notes: OC Byrd promoted March 8.

La Porte
New Coach: Anthony Renfro
Old Coach: Jeff LaReau
Notes: La Porte hired Clear Springs DC Anthony Renfro on February 12.

New Coach: Kris Price
Old Coach: Tim Smith
Notes: Keller DC Kris Price is named Leander HFC on January 24.

New Coach: Patrick Shelby
Old Coach: Kevin Brewer
Notes: Weslaco OC Patrick Shleby named HFC on January 21.

McKinney Boyd
New Coach: Joe McBride
Old Coach: Don Drake
Notes: McBride was most recently AD at Coppell ISD and was previously HFC at Frisco Liberty, Coppell, and Dripping Springs.

Pasadena Memorial
New Coach: James Crocker
Old Coach: Chirs Quillian
Notes: Friendswood DC Crocker hired March 26.

Mesquite Horn
New Coach: Chris Hudler
Old Coach: Mike Overton
Notes: DC Hudler promoted on March 4.

New Coach David Zapien
Old Coach: Jeff Ganske
Notes: OC Zapien promoted on February 26.

Pasadena Rayburn
New Coach: Demond Stafford
Old Coach: Shaun Wynn
Notes: Pasadena Memorial assistant Stafford hired March 26.

Plano West
New Coach: Tyler Sokup
Old Coach: Scott Smith
Notes: Hebron OC Tyler Sokup named HFC on February 19.

Brownsville Rivera
New Coach: Alberto Leal
Old Coach: Tom Chavez
Notes: Brownsville Lopez DC Leal hired April 5.

New Coach: Mike Spradlin
Old Coach: Mickey Moss
Notes: Magnolia ISD AD named HFC on January 22.

El Paso Socorro
New Coach: Anthony Hinsley
Old Coach: Marcus Graham
Notes: PSJA linebackers coach Anthony Hinsley announced as HFC on February 22.

South Garland
New Coach: Damaso Martinez
Old Coach: Josh Ragsdale
Notes: Plano McMillan HS (feeds Plano East SHS) coordinator named HFC on January 22.

Weslaco Panthers
New Coach: Roy Stroman
Old Coach: Mike Salinas
Notes: Weslaco assistant Roy Stroman promoted to HFC on February 11.

El Paso Bel Air
New Coach: Eric Scogin
Old Coach: Tony Cervantez
Notes: El Paso Parkland OC hired on December 19.

New Coach: Chuck Griffin
Old Coach: Jason Dean
Notes: Former Georgetown OC and Current Abilene Assistant SD hired as HFC March 29.

Fort Bend Hightower
New Coach: Joseph Sam
Old Coach: Padriac McGinnis
Notes: Mansfield Legacy DC hired on January 12.

New Coach: Craig Martin
Old Coach: Sterling Doty
Notes: Temple OC Martin hired March 7.

Magnolia West
New Coach: Blake Joseph
Old Coach: JD Berna
Notes: Magnolia West OC promoted February 28.

Mesquite Poteet
New Coach: Rodney McLain
Old Coach: Kody Groves
Notes: DC McLain promoted March 4.

PSJA Memorial
New Coach: David Brown
Old Coach: Mike Uribe
Notes: Raymond DC hired on December 21.

Rio Grande City
New Coach: Leo Mireles
Old Coach: Aaron Garcia
Notes: Laredo United SC hired on January 14.

New Coach: Gene Johnson
Old Coach: Jim Phillips
Notes: Waller hires Cy Ranch HFC on March 18.

Dallas Wilson
New Coach: Tony Bendetto
Old Coach: Bobby Estes
Notes: Mesquite Poteet assistant hired on Feberuary 7.

New Coach: Tim Buchanan
Old Coach: Steve Wood
Notes: Buchanan and Wood switch roles with Buchanan moving from district AD to HFC.

El Paso Bowie
New Coach: Andres Vale
Old Coach: Robert Padilla
Notes: Vale promoted from OC on Janaury 24.

Cleveland Indians
New Coach: Norris Taff
Old Coach: Keith Hendrix
Notes: Taff promoted from assistant on January 22.

New Coach: Hal Wasson
Old Coach: Stephen Hoffman
Notes: Wasson spent 2018 as Irving ISD AD after being a HFC for 30 years with stops at Italy, San Saba, Pittsburg, Kerens, Mexia, Liberty Hill, Keller Fossil Ridge and Southlake Carroll.

Georgetown East View
New Coach: Jerod Fikac
Old Coach: Robert Davies
Notes: San Saba HFC hired February 20.

New Ooach: Christian Navarro
Old Coach: Bradly Chavez
Notes: Interim HFC Navarro named full-time HFC March 27.

New Coach: Jeff Harbert
Old Coach: Vance Gibson
Notes: DC Harbert promoted on February 4.

El Paso Hanks
New Coach: Jason Blair
Old Coach: Aaron Price
Notes: OC Blair promoted on February 7.

New Coach: Todd Moebes
Old Coach: Brian Herman
Notes: Former Abilene Cooper HFC announced as Lockhart HFC February 15.

New Coach: Chip Darden
Old Coach: Max Kattwinkel
Notes: OC Darden promoted on January 15.

New Coach: Jake Griedl
Old Coach: Cluade Mathis
Notes: OC Griedl promoted on Janary 22.

New Coach: Darren Allman
Old Coach: Bobby Reyes
Notes: Former Odessa Permian HFC Allman hired February 26.

El Paso Riverside
New Coach: Gary Recorder
Old Coach: Tony Pallanez
Old Coach: El Paso Coronado OC Recorder hired on December 18.

Bryan Rudder
New Coach: Eric Ezar
Old Coach: Greg Morgan
Notes: Willis AD Ezar hired April 1.

Fort Worth Southwest
New Coach: Daron Franklin
Old Coach: Rob Goebel
Notes: Southwest hoires Little Elm assistant Franklin March 22.

New Coach: Zac Harrell
Old Coach: Paul Essary
Notes: Waxahachie OC Harrell hired January 17.

Big Springs
New Coach: Cannon McWilliams
Old Coach: Mitch McLemore
Notes: DC McWilliams promoted December 18.

New Coach: Mark Kanipes
Old Coach: Mike Ferrell
Notes: Kanipes moves to Brazosport after five seasons as Sante Fe HFC.

New Coach: Jerod Rye
Old Coach: Kurt Jones
Notes: OC Rye promoted on December 11.

New Coach: Juan Silva
Old Coach: David Ritchey
Notes: Halton Co-DC Silva hired on January 31.

Chapel Hill
New Coach: Jeff Riordan
Old Coach: Jason Hooker
Notes: Crosby HFC Riordan hired on February 25.

New Coach: Michael Waldie
Old Coach: Kodi Crane
Notes: Pearland OC Waldie hired on February 26.

Wichita Falls Hirschi
New Coach: Antonio Wiley
Old Coach: Danny Youngs
Notes: Lewisville DC Wiley hired on March 12.

New Coach: Matt Nally
Old Coach: Seth Stinton
Notes: OC Nally promoted to HFC.

North Dallas
New Coach: Bobby Estes
Old Coach: Fred Johnson
Notes: Former Dallas Wilson HFC hired on February 8.

New Coach: Rocky Smart
Old Coach: Cole Ford
Notes: North Forney OC Smat hired on February 15.

New Coach: Sterling Doty
Old Coach: Greg Winder
Notes: Magnolia HFC Doty announced as sole finalist for Stephenville HFC on February 21.

New Coach: Joel Fontenot-Amdeee
Old Coach: Jeff Hamilton
Notes: San Atonio Cole OC Fontenot-Amdeee hired on January 31.

Caddo Mills
New Coach: Kodi Crane
Old Coach: Steve Sumrow
Notes: Gonzales HFC Carne hired on January 31.

New Coach: Matt Langley
Old Coach: Bobby Jack Goforth
Notes: San Antonio Brandies OC Langley hired on January 28.

Carrizo Springs
New Coach: Kyle Abshire
Old Coach: Will Cockerill
Notes: South Garland DC Abshite hired on January 28.

New Coach: Scott Ponder
Old Coach: Barry Bowman
Notes: Bell’s HFC Ponder hired on January 15.

New Coach: Curtis Lowery
Old Coach: Duke Dalton
Notes: Levelannd HFC Lowery hired on January 24.

New Coach: Rusty Purser
Old Coach: Jared Sanderson
Notes: Taylor HFC Purse hired March 8.

New Coach: Steve Hale
Old Coach: Joey Moss
Notes: Groesbeck HFC Hale hired on February 13.

New Coach: Andy Correll
Old Coach: Curtis Lowery
Notes: Lubbock Monterey OC Correll hired February 21.

Dallas Lincoln
New Coach: Randall Johnson
Old Coach: Jahmal Adams
Notes: Wilmer-Hutchins OC hired March 1.

New Coach: Russell Urbantke
Old Coach: Rusty Nail
Notes: OC Urbantke promoted on November 13.

New Coach: Fred Staugh
Old Coach: Mel Maxfield
Notes: McCamey HC Staugh hired on Frebruary 28.

New Coach: Edward Bocanegra
Old Coach: Jospeh Rivera
Notes: Rockport-Fulton OC Bocanegra hired April 5.

New Coach: Michael Troutman
Old Coach: Tom Allen
Notes: Klein Collins DC (and 1993 Sinton graduate) Troutman hired on February 19.

Spring Hill
New Coach: Jonny Louvier
Old Coach: Kelly Mercer
Notes: Spring Hill hires Gladewater assistant Louvier on march 18.

Cleveland Tarkington
New Coach: Zach Bass
Old Coach: Stan Howard
Notes: Port Arthur Memorial DC Bass hired April 3.

New Coach: Greg Neece
Old Coach: Jason Speights
Notes: Newton OC hired March 25.

New Coach: Ryan Eber
Old Coach: Brad Davis
Notes: DC Ebner promoted on January 25.

New Coach: Jerry Bomar
Old Coach: Steve Hale
Notes: Bomar has been a HFC for 34 seasons (with a 229-143-3 record) including a state championship in 1991 with Groebeck. Bomar spent the last three seasons at Beeville Jones where we was 21-12.

New Coach: Robert McConathy
Old Coach: Shayne Gallegos
Notes: McConathy promoted on April 2.

New Coach: Trae Stevens
Old Coach: Bo Comacho
Notes: Sinton assistant hired on February 12.

New Coach: Mike Shields
Old Coach: Judd Trash
Notes: Terrell HFC Shields hired April 5.

New Coach: Mike Bowling
Old Coach: Rusty Ballard
Notes: Former OC Bowling hired February 15.

West Rusk
New Coach: Nick Harrison
Old Coach: John Frazier
Notes: Assistant Harrison promoted on February 11.

New Coach: Cody Fagan
Old Coach: Eddie Gill
Notes: Mildred HFC Fagan hired March 29.

New Coach: Dale West
Old Coach: Scott Ponder
Notes: Collinsville HFC West hired February 18.

New Coach: Lamar Rodriguez
Old Coach: Manny Martinez
Notes: OC Rodriguez promoted March 27.

Gateway Charter
New Coach: Darrin Widemon
Old Coach: Antorio Kelly
Notes: Widemon hired on March 1.

New Coach: Todd Paine
Old Coach: Duane Joubert
Notes: Beaumont West Brook DC Paine Hired March 13.

New Coach: Rick Weaver
Old Coach: Brad Keck
Notes: Iowa Park OC Weaver hired on January 28.

Ore City
New Coach: Ron Burnham
Old Coach: Tracy Blankenship
Notes: China Spring assistant Burnham hired February 20.

New Coach: Cody Hogan
Old Coach: Jerry Burkhart
Notes: Hogan promoted from interim coach on December 19.

New Coach: Andrew King
Old Coach: Josh West
Notes: Former HFC King returns to Stockdale.

New Coach: J.R. Castellano
Old Coach: J.J. Suarez
Notes: Belleville Jones DC Catellano hired on February 12.

New Coach: Scott Smiley
Old Coach: Pete Hart
Notes: Former Fort Worth Christian HC Smiley on February 25.

New Coach Cody Ross
Old Coach: Mike Bickham
Notes: Center OC Ross hired on February 27.

New Coach: Brad Scribner
Old Coach: Kim Kanaman
Notes: Caddo Mills OC Scribner hired on March 1.

New Coach: Garrett Patterson
Old Coach: Dale West
Notes: Van Alstyne OC Patterson hired March 6.

New Coach: Kyle Little
Old Coach: Terry Ward
Notes: Ward leaves after four seasons and a 10-32 record.

New Coach: John Contrucci
Old Coach: Rob McAdams
Notes: Red Oak assistant Contrucci hired on January 23.

New Coach: Shawn Alvarez
Old Coach: Ronnie Perez
Notes: Kenedy hires Cureo assistant Alvarez March 21.

New Coach: Michael McLeod
Old Coach: Kade Burns
Notes: Mason DC McLeod promoted March 25.

New Coach: Kieth Sitton
Old Coach: Nelson Kortis
Notes: Madisonville assistant Sitton hired on December 18.

New Coach: Rafael Williams
Old Coach: Brad Ballard
Notes: DC Williams promoted as Ballard moves into AD only role.

San Saba
New Coach: Andreas Aguirre
Old Coach: Jerod Fikac
Notes: DC Aguirre promoted on February 25.

Santa Maria
New Coach: Isreal Garcia
Old Coach: Esteban Flores
Notes: Hidalgo OC Garcia Hired March 28.

New Coach: Daniel Boedecker
Old Coach: Steven Cerny
Notes: Shiner DC Boedecker promoted March 26.

New Coach: Ronnie Tamplin
Old Coach: Greg Jenkins
Notes: Jenkins moves to AD role; OC Tamplin promoted January 30.

New Coach: Josh Shipman
Old Coach: Brent Cranford
Notes: DC Shipman promoted to HFC.

Union Grove
New Coach: Scotty Laymance
Old Coach: Roger Adams
Notes: DC Laymance promoted on January 18.

Valley View
New Coach: Curtis King
Old Coach: Alan Kassen
Notes: Argyle assistant King hired February 20.

New Coach: Terry Ward
Old Coach: Wayne Mahaffey
Notes: Former Tenaha, Harleton HC Ward hired January 25.

New Coach: Will Kirchoff
Old Coach: Jon Lowery
Notes: OC Kirchoff promoted to HFC after Lowery announces retirement.

New Coach: Josh Turner
Old Coach: Allen Cross
Notes: Tyler Chapel Hill DC Turner hired April 1.

New Coach: Michael Woodard
Old Coach: Fred Staugh
Notes: DC Woodard promoted March 25.

Mount Enterprise
New Ooach: Jeremy Jenkins
Old Coach: Scott Holzhauer
Notes: Tenaha DC Jenkins hired March 1.

New Coach: Mitch McLemore
Old Coach: Jesse House
Notes: Former Big Spring HFC McLemore hired February 13.

New Coach: Armando Minjarez
Old Coach: Steve Heryford
Notes: Assistant Minjarez promoted to HFC.

New Coach: Michael Patterson
Old Coach: Chad Lechler
Notes: La Porte DC Patterson hired February 19.

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