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3 Of The Most Dangerous Cities In California That You Should Avoid This 2023

California, USA (Photo: theculturetrip)

California, USA (Photo: theculturetrip)

Before you pack your bags and visit the state, make sure to check this list of the most dangerous cities in California so you’ll know which ones to avoid. 

Stockton, California (Photo: TheStreet)

First On The List Of Most Dangerous Cities In California Is Stockton City

According to Visitoworld , Stockton has been on the list of the most dangerous cities in California for a few years already. Based on the data, property crimes are the highest reported crime in Stockton with 6,801 reports, while violent crime comes in second with 2,889 reported cases.

Stockton which ranked first on this list of most dangerous cities in California, with its 326,248 population, also had numerous reported cases of robbery, rape, and murder.

According to an article written by 24/7 Wallst , a local policeman said that the rise in violent crimes in Stockton is also because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, 15 reports of homicide was reported in the city. The continuous rise of property crimes in Stockton had put it at the top of the list of most dangerous cities in California.


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Anaheim And Modesto Ranks Second And Third Respectively, On The List Of  Most Dangerous Cities In California

Second on the list of most dangerous cities in California is Anaheim, a city located in the southern part of California. According to Traveling Lifestyle , the highest reported cases in Anaheim are property crimes such as theft and burglary. Violent crimes are also alarmingly high in this city, with aggravated assaults and robberies being on top.

Last on the list of the most dangerous cities in California is Modesto, a city located north of Merced. Modesto’s crime rate is 37% higher than that of national average. Modesto also holds the record of most vehicular theft cases in the state where 23,000 cars are stolen each year. With its 6,701 cases of property crimes and 2,082 cases of violent crimes, Including Modesto in the list of most dangerous cities in California just makes sense.


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