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One-on-one with China Spring’s Brian Bell


Tony caught up with the China Spring Cougars head coach Brian Bell after their practice on Monday, August 5, 2019.

One-On-One with China Spring’s Brian Bell

Tony: I’ll try not to get you in any trouble with these questions. For me not being around the program much, the thing I noticed first was the enthusiasm that starts with you.
Coach Bell: Absolutely. I am 28 so hopefully one thing I can bring to the table is some energy. I know I’m not the most experienced guy in the world, but at the same time energy is either energy given or energy taken. Hopefully I try to come out here and give energy every day. I hope the kids respond well. To be honest with you I wasn’t giving as much energy as I have in the past but the kids brought a lot of energy and it kind of got me going and it was a fun environment.

Tony: You grew up around this program before running off to Sam Houston State for a few years. How important is that sense of continuity to this program?
Coach Bell: I am just so thankful. This program has meant so much to me and so much to my family with what my father has done at this place. I owe it to him to try to keep things as consistent and, I guess, old-school as possible. For the program to be in my hands right now, I’m just thankful. Our staff does and incredible job of taking ownership and taking pride in that sense of things. A lot of guys on our staff coached for my dad before I got here and they understand how things are supposed to be going and they make my job easy. I just show up and coach ball and they take care of the rest. It’s such a blessing how good of a job they do.

Tony: OK. Now I’ll try to get you in trouble a little bit. Every coach that comes into a program there are things they are going to tweak. So, what was your dad doing that you have changed?
Coach Bell: I think my Dad at the end of his career started taking more chances, not taking chances, that’s a bad way of putting it… He got a little more extravagant I’ll say, with all the helmets and all the stuff and the kids loved it. The one thing I changed going into this year is I took it back old-school. Like the high school helmet that we wore back in my day. I say that like it was a long time ago when it wasn’t that long ago. We kind of took it back to that whole theme… the CS and the Columbia blue helmet and try to take it back old school. I guess I’m a new-school kind of guy but he was getting more new-school towards the end of his career and I’m trying to take it back old-school.

Tony: Broad question. What can we expect to see from the Cougars this year?
Coach Bell: Hopefully we will be a good tackling football team that plays with a lot of energy, that doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, that tries to make the most out of the next opportunity with the “next play” mentality. Our kids battle and they love each other and they are a close unit. I think we are hopefully going to use that to our advantage this year. Everybody pulling in the same direction and loving on each other and at the end of the day knowing that football is great and it’s an awesome sport but that there’s so much more to life than football but at the same time, we want to win. I hope that’s what they see on Friday nights.

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