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One-On-One with Fort Bend Austin’s Mike Arogbonlo

Mike Arogbonlo - Fort Bend Austin
Mike Arogbonlo - Fort Bend Austin

Tony caught up with Fort Bend Austin’s Mike Arogbonlo after the Bulldogs’ practice on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Tony: Hardest question I’m going to ask, say your name and spell it.
Coach Arogbonlo: (chuckles). Mike Arogbonlo. M-I-K-E A-R-O-G-B-O-N-L-O.

Tony slaughters name several times.
Coach Arogbonlo: Everyone calls me Coach Arrow.

Tony: Taking over the program here at Austin after having been an assistant in the district at Travis, how much did you know about the kids here before you took over the program.
Coach Arogbonlo: I knew a couple of the key players, Kendal Septs, Troy Omeire, the big stars, you know kids that are going to college. I knew a lot about the program playing them the last for years at Travis. Very similar community just down the street. It’s good to know these kids and get to know them.

Tony: For someone looking from the outside, what is the one thing you want them to know about the Austin football team this year?
Coach Arogbonlo: Just the effort they bring, how hard they play, the discipline they play with. The effort is the key thing for me – how hard our kids compete and how fast they play.

Tony: Different coaches, different styles. You are out here having fun.
Coach Arogbonlo: I love this game. I was just telling the kids; this game has done a lot for me. I’m passionate about what I do, passionate about kids. I want to teach them intensity. I want to teach them working hard. I just get out there and have fun with them, show them it’s still fun. It’s good to be out here running around in the hot sun in Houston, Texas. I just want to leave them with those lasting memories that our coach was out there working with us. He kept cared about us. He was passionate about the game. I believe players reflect you as a coach. And I just hope that my players just do the same thing on the field.

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