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What to Expect in the NFL During 2020


Find out about what fans, players, and teams can expect in the NFL during 2020 as we look at the different rule changes and what they will mean for the Miami
Super Bowl.

NFL Changes for 2020

If you’re a fan of the NFL, today’s post is sure to excite. We are looking at what players, teams, and fans can expect regarding the changes to the NFL in 2020. The 54th Super Bowl, Super Bowl LIV will take place on the 2nd of February 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida, and already things are heating up. Below are some of the changes being adapted by the NFL Competition Committee to ensure that the NFL is competitive, exciting, and protects players from unnecessary risk.

NFL 2020 Changes

There are lots of changes reviewed by the league during training camp and the NFL Officiating Clinic helps everyone adapt to any changes to the rules. Below are the main rules taking effect in the NFL 2019/2020 season, aside from the new visor rule exception.

  • Pass Interference Replay Review: Both the offensive and the defensive pass interference calls will now be reviewable. A pass interference ruling can only be changed during the replay if is clear evidence is available to support that the on-field ruling was wrong. This rule comes into force on a one-year trial.
  • Blindside Block: The blindside block has been eliminated and is now forbidden for a blocker to use forced contact. This includes using the head, shoulder, or forearm. It comes into effect if the blockers path is parallel or towards his own end line. Failure to comply with this results in a 15 yard loss and an automatic first down.
  • Kickoff: The kickoff rules that came into force in 2018 will now be permanent as they resulted in a decrease in the number of concussions up to 35%. Be sure to check the official NFL kickoff rules for more information should you need it.
  • Booth Reviews: As well as the pass interference, the number of plays that can be subject to booth reviews has been extended. Penalty flags that are thrown for a touchdown will now allow for the play to be looked at first to see if there was a score before the foul was called. Replay Officials can now initiate reviews on all two-point conversions. Coaches will no longer be able to challenge plays no matter what the field call was.
  • Celebrations: Field celebrations are only available to players dressed in uniform. Should anyone else enter the field a penalty will be issued and the team loses 15 yards as well as the automatic first down.
  • Player Disqualifications: Game officials have had their authority extended. They now have the power to disqualify any player who commits both football and non-football acts during the game.
  • Penalty Enforcement for Touchdown Plays: The offense will now be able to place any defense penalties onto an upcoming kickoff or to the resulting point or two point conversion play.
  • Helmet Usage: The rules on helmet usage will continue to be emphasized in the NFL 2019/20 season. Be sure to check out the official NFL helmet use rules for more information.
  • Offensive Holding: This is an area that is going to be enforced more in the 2019/20 NFL season. More focus will be placed on the back side of the run play or line of scrimmage. Referees will be closely monitoring all play at the line of scrimmage and will make sure players don’t pose any restrictions on their opponents. They will also make sure the defender’s path of pursuit is not altered by the offense. Restrictions include the grabbing of opponents, tackling them, hooking them, jerking or twisting them, turning them around, or pulling them down.

2020 NFL Team Draft Team Needs for the Miami Super Bowl

The regular NFL season is nearly here and this means scouts and managers will already be looking ahead to the Drafts. For some teams, their needs will be spotted as the season plays out, but others will already know what they need to prioritize. If you are a sportsbetting fan or you enjoy playing NFL themed casino slots for real money you can do this on any device here, and the odds for the Miami Super Bowl are already being added to the top sportsbetting sites. You can even get free bets to place on your favorite team to make it through to the playoffs and more.

Below you will find a brief overview of what each of the 16 teams need for this season and be sure to keep an eye on our recruitment news section for more information.

  • Arizona Cardinals: For the 2020 Draft they need to focus on their offensive tackle, edge rusher, and cornerback. They will be looking for another edge rusher that they can pair with Chandler Jones. We also expect them to draft another young cornerback for Byron Murphy to pair with.
  • Atlanta Falcons: Their Draft needs include an edge rusher, running back, and focus on their defensive line. A new edge rusher will be required to replace Vic Beasley.
  • Carolina Panthers: Their needs include a cornerback, receiver, and defensive tackle. They need some younger players and more fire power too.
  • Chicago Bears: For the 2020 Draft the focus will be about safety, an edge rusher, and a cornerback. They will be looking for a young pass rusher that can be paired with Khalil Mack for 2020.
  • Dallas Cowboys: For 2020 this team will be focusing on safety, cornerback and their tight end. Safety is their weakest position coming into the new season. Byron Jones and Anthony Brown are in their final contract years in cornerback positions. The tight end position needs something new for 2020.
  • Detroit Lions: For the Lions, focus will be on the cornerback, edge linebacker, and interior offensive line. The Lions don’t have a definitive starter for the corner, and they don’t have significant depth for this position either. They signed Trey Flowers offseason.
  • Green Bay Packers: Their season focus will be on their wide receiver, inside linebacker, and offensive tackle. Blake Martinez will be a free agent after the 2019 season, but if Bryan Bulawayo stays healthy the tackle position won’t be an issue.
  • Minnesota Vikings: for the 2020 Draft this team will be looking at their offensive tackle, defensive end, and a cornerback.
  • New Orleans Saints: This team will be looking at the cornerback, the wide receiver, and quarterback positions for their 2020 Draft needs.
  • New York Giants: The Giants will be looking at a wide receiver, safety, and edge rusher for the 2020 Draft. They need a good pass rusher off the edge.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: for their 2020 Draft the Eagles will be looking at their defensive end, safety, and a cornerback. They are in need of a young pass rusher to play with Derek Barnett. They also need younger players at safety.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Their focus will be on the offensive line, safety, and cornerback positions.
  • Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks will be focusing their attention during the 2020 Draft on an edge rusher, receiver, and defensive tackle.
  • Los Angeles Rams: The Rams will be looking at their running back, centre players, and edge rusher during the Draft. A running back to play alongside Todd Gurley is anticipated.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers will be looking to strengthen their offensive guard, defense line, and the acquisition of a running back during the 2020 Draft.
  • Washington Redskins: The 2020 Draft needs for the Redskins includes a wide receiver, offensive tackle, and middle linebacker.
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