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Greater Houston Area Preview Week 10


As the regular season winds down, who’s in, who’s out, and who needs help?

Week 9 Scores

Bridgeland was open
Bryan 37, Cypress Springs 19
Cypress Lakes 33, Langham Creek 24
Tomball Memorial 36, Cypress Park 35
Cypress Ranch 55, Cypress Woods 7

District Standings
6-1 Cy Woods
5-1 Tomball Memorial
5-1 Cy Ranch
4-2 Bridgeland
4-3 Cy Lakes
2-4 Cy Park
1-5 Bryan
1-5 Langham Creek
0-6 Cy Springs

In: Cy Woods, Tomball Memorial, Cy Ranch
Win & In: Bridgeland
Needs Help: Cy Lakes
Eliminated: Bryan, Langham Creek, Cy Springs

Week 10 Schedule
Bridgeland vs. Cypress Lakes
Bryan vs. Cypress Ranch
Cypress Park vs. Langham Creek
Cypress Springs vs. Tomball Memorial
Cypress Woods is open

Cy Ranch, Tomball Memorial, and Cy Woods have clinched playoff spots. In the most likely scenario the winner of Thursday’s Bridgeland/ Cy Lakes game grabs the 4th spot. If it’s Bridgeland it’s locked in Thursday night. If it’s Cy Lakes they’ll have to wait for the games and Friday and Saturday to be played but they’ll most likely be clinched by the end of weekend if they win Thursday.

Week 9 Scores

Klein Collins 29, Conroe 23
Klein Cain 36, Oak Ridge 7
The Woodlands was open
Klein Oak 9, College Park 7
Klein 49, Klein Forest 21

District Standings
6-1 Klein Collins
6-1 Klein Oak
4-2 The Woodlands
4-2 Klein Cain
3-3 Conroe
2-4 College Park
2-4 Klein
1-5 Oak Ridge
0-6 Klein Forest

Clinched: Klein Collins, Klein Oak
Win and In: The Woodlands, Klein Cain
Needs Help: Conroe, College Park, Klein
Eliminated: Oak Ridge, Klein Forest

Week 10 Schedule
Conroe vs. Klein Forest
Oak Ridge vs. Klein
The Woodlands vs. Klein Collins
College Park vs. Klein Cain
Klein Oak is open

Klein Collins and Klein oak have clinched. The Woodlands and Klein Cain could both clinch this week if they win versus Klein Collins and College Park respectively if Conroe also loses to Klein Forest.
Most likely the two remaining playoff spots go to two of The Woodlands, Klein Cain, and Conroe. The Woodlands faces Klein Collins this week before closing the regular season against Klein Forest. Klein Cain faces College Park this week before closing the regular season against Klein Oak. Conroe faces Klein Forest this week before closing the regular season against Oak Ridge.
In the reasonable scenario of The Woodlands and Klein Cain going 1-1 and Conroe going 2-0, the three teams would end up in a three-way tie for 3rd. Unconfirmed but likely The Woodlands wins that three-way tie breaker and is third place. Conroe finishes 4th due to their head-to-head win over Klein Cain.

Week 9 Scores

Spring Westfield 67, Aldine 0
Aldine Eisenhower 42, Aldine Davis 35
Aldine MacArthur 14, Aldine Nimitz 7
Spring 26, Spring DeKaney 23

District Standings
5-0 Westfield
4-1 Spring
3-2 Dekaney
3-2 MacArthur
3-2 Eisenhower
2-3 Davis
0-5 Nimitz
0-5 Aldine

In: Westfield
Win and In: Spring, Dekaney, Eisenhower
Needs Help: MacArthur, Davis
Eliminated: Nimitz, Aldine

Week 10 Schedule
Aldine vs. Spring DeKaney
Aldine Davis vs. Aldine MacArthur
Aldine Eisenhower vs. Spring
Aldine Nimitz vs. Spring Westfield

Spring would clinch a playoff spot this week with a win over Eisenhower. The final two spots will go to some combination of DeKaney, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Davis. The most likely scenario is DeKaney finishing 3rd and MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Davis battling it out for the final spot and possibly winding up in a tie-breaker. But remember that this is the district that had a 5-way tie for 2nd place last year, so anything is possible in this district.

Week 9 Scores

Cypress Creek 59, Northbrook 0
Cypress Fairbanks 69, Spring Woods 0
Cypress Falls 32, Stratford 0
Houston Memorial 28, Cypress Ridge 18
Jersey Village was open

District Standings
6-0 Cy Fair
5-1 Cy Falls
5-1 Cy Creek
4-2 Houston Memorial
3-3 Cy Ridge
3-4 Stratford
1-5 Jersey Village
1-5 Spring Woods
0-4 Northbrook

In: Cy Fair
Win and in: Cy Falls, Cy Creek, Houston Memorial
Needs Help: Cy Ridge
Eliminated: Stratford, Spring Woods, Jersey Village, Northbrook

Week 10 Schedule
Cypress Creek vs. Houston Memorial
Cypress Fairbanks vs. Cypress Ridge
Cypress Falls vs. Spring Woods
Northbrook is open
Stratford vs. Jersey Village

Cy Fair has clinched a playoff spot. Cy Creek and Cy Falls can clinch with wins this week. Cy Ridge has a very difficult schedule playing Cy Fair and Cy Falls to close out the season. Houston Memorial winds up the season playing Northbrook. So, the most likely team to finish 4th is Houston Memorial.

Week 9 Scores

Houston Bellaire 36, Houston Westside 29
Houston Chavez 66, Houston Sam Houston 7
Houston Heights was open
Houston Lamar 33, Houston Westbury 14

District Standing
4-0 Lamar
4-1 Bellaire
3-1 Heights
2-3 Chavez
1-3 Westside
1-3 Westbury
0-4 Sam Houston

In: Lamar, Bellaire
Win and In: Heights
Needs Help: Chavez, Westside, Westbury, Sam Houston
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Houston Bellaire vs. Houston Heights
Houston Chavez is open
Houston Lamar vs. Houston Sam Houston
Houston Westbury vs. Houston Westside

Lamar and Bellaire have clinched. Heights clinches with one win in their final two games (vs Bellaire and Westbury). Heights could also clinch without a win depending in the outcome of other games. Chavez has only one game remaining (against Lamar) and I would have to say the favorite for the 4th spot is Westside who finishes the season against Westbury and Sam Houston the final two weeks. Westside’s only district win so far came against Chavez, so they would have an advantage in tie-breakers against Chavez.

Week 9 Scores

Katy 42, Cinco Ranch 0
Mayde Creek 41, Seven Lakes 31
Morton Ranch was open
Tompkins 38, Katy Taylor 12
District Standings
4-0 Katy
4-1 Tompkins
3-1 Mayde Creek
3-2 Taylor
1-3 Morton Ranch
0-4 Seven Lakes
0-4 Cinco Ranch

In: Katy, Tompkins
Win and In: Mayde Creek, Taylor
Needs Help: Morton Ranch
Eliminated: Seven Lakes, Cinco Ranch

Week 10 Schedule
Katy vs. Mayde Creek
Cinco Ranch vs. Tompkins
Morton Ranch vs. Seven Lakes
Katy Taylor is open

Katy and Tompkins have clinched. Mayde Creek has not clinched but would do so if they beat either Katy in Week 10 or Morton Ranch in Week 11. Taylor clinches the playoffs if Morton Ranch loses to Seven Lakes this week or to Mayde Creek in Week 11 or if Taylor beats Katy in Week 11. There is also a three-way tie breaker scenario between the three schools. If that scenario develops, Mayde Creek is in the playoffs and margin of victory by Morton Ranch over Mayde Creek in Week 11 will determine if Morton Ranch or Taylor grabs the 4th spot.

Week 9 Scores

Fort Bend Kempner 21, Fort Bend Austin 14
Fort Bend Bush 26, Fort Bend Dulles 7
Fort Bend Travis 57, Fort Bend Clements 20
Fort Bend Ridge Point 31, Fort Bend Elkins 21

District Standings
5-0 Travis
4-1 Ridge Point
3-2 Elkins
3-2 Bush
2-3 Kempner
2-3 Austin
1-4 Dulles
0-5 Clements

In: Travis
Win and In: Ridge Point, Elkins, Bush
Needs Help: Kempner, Austin, Dulles
Eliminated: Clements

Week 10 Schedule
Fort Bend Austin vs. Fort Bend Bush
Fort Bend Clements vs. Fort Bend Ridge Point
Fort Bend Dulles vs. Fort Bend Elkins
Fort Bend Kempner vs. Fort Bend Travis

Travis is clinched and Ridge Point would clinch with a win this week over Clements. Elkins plays Dulles and Austin over the final two weeks and is likely to make the playoffs. Bush has a tougher schedule finishing with Austin and Travis. Austin plays Bush and Elkins over the final two weeks. Kempner plays Travis and Clements. The Austin/ Bush game is obviously an important game this week. If Bush wins that game (and they have already beaten Kempner) they’ll have the inside track on a playoff spot.

Week 9 Scores

Deer Park 49, Baytown Sterling 14
Beaumont United 44, La Porte 35
North Shore 54, Beaumont West Brook 25
CE King 55, Channelview 6

District Standings
5-0 North Shore
4-1 West Brook
3-2 Deer Park
2-3 CE King
2-3 Beaumont United
2-3 Channelview
2-3 La Porte
0-5 Baytown Sterling

In: North Shore
Win and In: West Brook, Deer Park
Needs Help: La Porte, Channelview, Beaumont United, CE King
Eliminated: Sterling

Week 10 Schedule
Baytown Sterling vs. CE King
Beaumont United vs. North Shore
Beaumont West Brook vs. Deer Park
Channelview vs. La Porte

North Shore is in and West Brook is in with a win against either Deer Park or Baytown Sterling. The rest is up for grabs. The Channelview/ La Porte game this week is a big game. Deer Park finishes against West Brook and United. King finishes against Sterling and La Porte. United finishes against North Shore and Deer Park. Channelview finishes against La Porte and North Shore. La Porte finishes against Channelview and King. King would appear to have the schedule advantage but expect this one to be muddled until the very end.

Week 9 Scores

Humble was open
Atascocita 63, Summer Creek 14
Kingwood 58, Pasadena 12
Pasadena Dobie 68, Pasadena Rayburn 0
Pasadena Memorial 45, Pasadena South Houston 34

District Standings
6-0 Atascocita
5-1 Dobie
5-1 Humble
5-2 Kingwood
3-4 Pasadena Memorial
2-4 South Houston
2-4 Summer Creek
0-6 Pasadena
0-6 Sam Rayburn

In: Atascocita, Dobie, Humble, Kingwood
Eliminated: Pasadena Memorial, South Houston, Summer Creek, Pasadena, Sam Rayburn

Week 10 Schedule
Humble vs. Kingwood
Atascocita vs. Pasadena
Summer Creek vs. Pasadena Rayburn
Pasadena Dobie vs. Pasadena South Houston
Pasadena Memorial vs. Conroe Grand Oaks

The four playoff teams are set in 22-6A. Atascocita and Dobie will go D1. Humble and Kingwood will go D2.

Week 9 Scores

George Ranch 29, Alief Elsik 13
Pearland 55, Alief Hastings 14
Pearland Dawson 26, Alief Taylor 0
Strake Jesuit 52, Brazoswood 0

District Standings
5-0 Dawson
4-1 Strake Jesuit
4-1 George Ranch
3-2 Pearland
2-3 Alief Taylor
1-4 Alief Hastings
1-4 Alief Elsik
0-5 Brazoswood

In: Dawson
Win and In: Strake Jesuit, George Ranch, Pearland
Needs Help: Alief Taylor
Eliminated: Hastings, Elsik, Brazoswood

Week 10 Schedule
Alief Elsik vs. Alief Taylor
Alief Hastings vs. Pearland Dawson
Brazoswood vs. Pearland
Strake Jesuit vs. George Ranch

Dawson has clinched. The winner of this week’s Strake Jesuit/ George Ranch will also clinch. The loser will clinch if Taylor loses this week versus Elsik. George Ranch has a difficult schedule finishing against Strake Jesuit and Pearland. Pearland might not clinch this week with a win over Brazoswood, but they will come close depending on the results of other games.

Week 9 Scores

Clear Springs 28, Alvin 0
Dickinson 69, Clear Brook 21
Clear Falls 34, Clear Lake 20
Clear Creek was open

District Standings
5-0 Dickinson
3-1 Clear Springs
3-1 Clear Creek
3-2 Clear Falls
1-3 Clear Lake
0-4 Clear Brook
0-4 Alvin

In: Dickinson
Win and In: Clear Springs, Clear Creek, Clear Falls
Needs Help: Clear Lake
Eliminated: Clear Brook, Alvin

Week 10 Schedule
Alvin vs. Clear Brook
Dickinson is open
Clear Lake vs. Clear Springs
Clear Creek vs. Clear Falls

Dickinson has clinched. A Clear Springs win over Clear Lake this week would set the playoff teams for 24-6A.

Week 9 Scores

College Station 55, Willis 28
Conroe Caney Creek 41, Waller 40
Lufkin 52, Magnolia West 7
Magnolia 55, Tomball 28

District Standings
5-0 Lufkin
4-1 College Station
4-1 Magnolia West
3-2 Magnolia
2-3 Tomball
1-4 Willis
1-4 Caney Creek
0-5 Waller

In: Lufkin
Win and In: College Station, Magnolia West, Magnolia
Needs Help: Tomball, Willis, Caney Creek
Eliminated: Waller

Week 10 Schedule
College Station vs. Tomball
Conroe Caney Creek vs. Lufkin
Magnolia vs. Magnolia West
Waller vs. Willis

Lufkin has clinched. Both College Station and Magnolia West clinch if College Station beats Tomball this week. Magnolia West would clinch with a win over Magnolia regardless of the College Station/ Tomball outcome. Magnolia would clinch this week with a win over Magnolia West and a Tomball loss to College Station. There is a good chance the four playoff teams (Lufkin, College Station, Magnolia West, Magnolia) will be set after the games are finished this week.

Week 9 Scores

Galena Park 26, Goose Creek Memorial 18
New Caney 58, Houston Austin 13
Porter 51, Houston Wisdom 0
Kingwood Park 20, Port Arthur Memorial 13

District Standings
5-0 New Caney
5-0 Porter
3-2 Kingwood Park
2-3 Port Arthur Memorial
2-3 Goose Creek Memorial
2-3 Galena Park
1-4 Houston Austin
0-5 Houston Wisdom

In: New Caney, Porter
Win and In: Kingwood Park, Port Arthur Memorial
Needs Help: Goose Creek Memorial, Galena Park, Houston Austin, Houston Wisdom
Eliminated: none

Week 10 Schedule
Goose Creek Memorial vs. New Caney
Galena Park vs. Porter
Houston Austin vs. Kingwood Park
Houston Wisdom vs. Port Arthur Memorial

New Caney and Porter have clinched. Kingwood Park looks to have the inside track on the third spot with remaining games against Houston Austin and Goose Creek Memorial. Port Arthur Memorial can clinch a playoff spot with wins over Houston Wisdom and Houston Austin having already beaten Goose Creek Memorial and Galena Park.

Week 9 Scores

Shadow Creek 24, Foster 17
Angleton 34, Texas City 21
Friendswood 21, Fort Bend Hightower 2
BF Terry 14, Galveston Ball 7

District Standings
5-0 Shadow Creek
4-1 Friendswood
4-1 Hightower
3-2 Foster
2-3 Angleton
1-4 BF Terry
1-4 Texas City
0-5 Galveston Ball

In: Shadow Creek
Win and in: Friendswood, Hightower, Foster
Needs Help: Angleton, Texas City, BF Terry
Eliminated: Galveston Ball

Week 10 Schedule
Shadow Creek vs. Fort Bend Hightower
Angleton vs. Galveston Ball
Friendswood vs. BF Terry
Foster vs. Texas City

Shadow Creek clinched a playoff berth with their win over Foster. Friendswood clinches a playoff berth with a win over BF Terry or Angleton. Hightower clinches a playoff win over Shadow Creek or Foster. Both clinch a playoff berth if Angleton loses to either Galveston Ball or Friendswood. Odds are the 4th spot will boil down to Foster or Angleton. Angleton would own the tie-breaker due to their 44-21 win over Foster in Week 8. Foster finishes the year against Texas City and Hightower. If they win both they are in. If those lose one, they need Angleton to also lose one game.

Week 9 Scores

Bryan Rudder 42, Cleveland 6
A&M Consolidated 66, Lake Creek 26
Paetow 25, Huntsville 14
Lamar Consolidated 55, Montgomery 14

District Standings
5-0 A&M Consolidated
4-1 Katy Paetow
3-2 Lamar Consolidated
3-2 Huntsville
3-2 Bryan Rudder
1-4 Lake Creek
1-4 Montgomery
0-5 Cleveland

In: A&M Consolidated, Katy Paetow
Win and In: Katy Paetow, Lamar Consolidated, Huntsville, and Bryan Rudder
Needs Help: Lake Creek, Montgomery
Eliminated: Cleveland

Week 10 Schedule
Bryan Rudder vs. A&M Consolidated
Cleveland vs. Lamar Consolidated
Huntsville vs. Lake Creek
Paetow vs. Montgomery

A&M Consolidated and Paetow have clinched. The remaining two spots will likely boil down to two of Lamar Consolidated, Huntsville, and Bryan Rudder. Lamar Consolidated finishes the regular season against Cleveland and Katy Paetow. Huntsville finishes against Lake Creek and Rudder. Rudder finishes A&M Consolidated and Huntsville. Obviously the most difficult schedule is Rudder.

Week 9 Scores

Fort Bend Marshall was open
Fort Bend Willowridge 68, Houston Milby 24
Houston Waltrip 20, Houston Madison 14
Houston Northside 55, Houston Sharpstown 6
Manvel 44, Houston Sterling 26

District Standings
6-0 Manvel
5-1 FB Marshall
5-1 FB Willowridge
5-2 Houston Sterling
3-4 Northside
2-4 Houston Milby
2-4 Houston Waltrip
0-6 Houston Madison
0-6 Houston Sharpstown

In: Manvel, FB Marshall, FB Willowridge, Houston Sterling
Eliminated: Houston Northside, Houston Milby, Houston Waltrip, Houston Sharpstown, Houston Madison

Week 10 Schedule
Fort Bend Marshall vs. Houston Northside
Fort Bend Willowridge vs. Manvel
Houston Madison vs. Houston Sharpstown
Houston Milby vs. Houston Waltrip
Houston Sterling is open

The four playoff teams are set. With Willowridge and Manvel playing this week and Marshall having already beaten Willowridge, the likely order is Manvel, Marshall, Willowridge, Sterling.

Week 9 Scores

Baytown Lee 35, Dayton 34
Barbers Hill 28, Crosby 7
Nederland 10, Vidor 6
Port Neches-Groves 20, Santa Fe 7

District Standings
5-0 Barbers Hill
4-1 Port Neches-Groves
4-1 Nederland
3-2 Crosby
2-3 Baytown Lee
2-3 Vidor
0-5 Santa Fe
0-4 Dayton

In: Barbers Hills, PNG
Win and In: Nederland, Crosby
Needs Help: Baytown Lee, Vidor
Eliminated: Santa Fe, Dayton

Week 10 Schedule
Baytown Lee vs. Vidor
Crosby vs. Nederland
Dayton vs. Santa Fe
Barbers Hill vs. Port Neches-Groves

Barbers Hill and PNG have clinched. The rest could playout every way possible given the remaining schedules. Nederland’s remaining schedule is Crosby and PNG. Crosby’s remaining schedule is Nederland and Bayton Lee. Vidor’s remaining schedule is Bayton Lee and Dayton. Baytown Lee’s remaining schedule is Vidor and Crosby. Nederland would clinch with a win this week. There is possibility that no one clinches this week and the final three spots will still be in doubt going into Week 11.

Week 9 Scores

Lumberton 29, Bridge City 0
Huffman Hargrave 35, Splendora 6
Little Cypress-Mauriceville 27, Livingston 6

District Standings
3-0 Huffman-Hargrave
3-0 Little Cypress-Mauriceville
2-1 Lumberton
1-2 Splendora
0-3 Livingston
0-3 Bridge City

In: Huffman-Hargrave, LCM
Win and In: Lumberton, Splendora
Needs Help: Livingston, Bridge City
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Bridge City vs. Livingston
Huffman Hargrave vs. Little Cypress-Mauriceville
Lumberton vs. Splendora

Huffman-Grave and Little Cypress-Mauriceville have clinched and play this week for the district title. Lumberton would clinch a playoff with a win over Splendora. Neither Lumberton nor Splendora clinch if Splendora wins as Livingston and Bridge City play each other and one of them will have one win. At least one playoff spot will still be up for grabs after this week.

Week 9 Scores

Stafford 24, Houston Furr 13
Houston North Forest 28, Houston Worthing 21
Houston Wheatley was open
Navasota 49, Houston Yates 6

District Standings
5-0 Navasota
3-1 Wheatley
3-1 Stafford
2-2 Furr
1-3 North Forest
1-3 Yates
0-5 Worthing

In: Navaosta
Win and In: Wheatley, Stafford, Furr, Yates
Needs Help: North Forest
Eliminated: Worthing

Week 10 Schedule
Houston Furr vs. Houston Yates
Houston North Forest vs. Stafford
Houston Wheatley vs. Navasota
Houston Worthing is open

Navaosta has clinched. Wheatley and Stafford are likely in. All they need to clinch is win one of their two remaining games or have both North Forest and Yates lose a game. The 4th spot likely comes down to Furr, North Forest, or Yates. Furr closes with games against Yates and Wheatley and would clinch if they win both games. Yates closes with games against Furr and North Forest and would clinch a playoff spot if they win both games. North Forest closes with games against Stafford and Yates.

Week 9 Scores

Sealy 35, Bay City 9
El Campo was open
West Columbia 17, Brazosport 12
Needville 38, Fulshear 16

District Standings
4-0 Needville
3-1 El Campo
3-1 Columbia
2-2 Sealy
2-2 Brazosport
1-4 Fulshear
0-5 Bay City

In: None
Win and In: Needville, El Campo, Columbia
Needs Help: Sealy, Brazosport
Eliminated: Fulshear, Bay City

Week 10 Schedule
Bay City vs. El Campo
Brazosport vs. Needville
Fulshear is open
Sealy vs. West Columbia

Needville clinches a playoff berth with a win this week over Brazosport. They can’t clinch this week if the lose. El Campo and Columbia could both clinch his week if they both win and Needville beats Brazosport. Needville, El Campo, and Columbia are likely playoff teams with the 4th spot likely coming down to Sealy or Brazosport. Brazosport has the tie-breaker advantage over Sealy due to their Week 6 21-20 win. Brazosport closes with games against Needville and Fulshear. Sealy closes with games against Columbia and Needville.

Week 9 Scores

Center 42, Shepherd 35
Huntington 28, Tarkington 6
Jasper was open

District Standings
2-0 Jasper
2-0 Center
1-1 Huntington
1-2 Shepherd
0-3 Tarkington

In: Jasper, Center, Huntington, Shepherd
Eliminated; Tarkington

Week 10 Schedule
Center vs. Huntington
Tarkington vs. Jasper
Shepherd is open

The four playoff teams are set. Only the playoff seeding is left to be determined. The Week 11 Jasper/ Center game will likely determine 1st and 2nd place. The Week 11 Huntington/ Shepherd game will likely determine 3rd and 4th place.

Week 9 Scores

Hamshire-Fannett was open
West Orange-Stark 49, Hardin-Jefferson 12
Silsbee 38, Liberty 14

District Standings
2-0 Hamshire-Fannett
2-0 West Orange-Stark
2-1 Silsbee
0-2 Liberty
0-3 Hardin-Jefferson

In: Hamshire-Fannett, West Orange-Stark, Silsbee
Win and In: Liberty, Hardin-Jefferson

Week 10 Schedule
Hamshire-Fannett vs. Silsbee
Hardin-Jefferson is open
Liberty vs. West Orange-Stark

Hamshire Fannett, West Orange-Stark and Silsbee have clinched playoff spots. The 4th spot will be determined Week 11 when Liberty and Hardin-Jefferson play.

Week 9 Scores

Wharton 35, Houston Kashmere 0
Sweeny 60, Houston Scarborough 0
La Marque 49, Houston Washington 0

District Standings
3-0 Sweeny
2-1 Wharton
2-1 La Marque
2-1 Kashmere
0-3 Scarbourough
0-3 Washington

In: Sweeny
Win and In: Wharton, La Marque, Kashmere
Needs Help: Scarbourough, Washington

Week 10 Schedule
Houston Kashmere vs. Sweeny
Houston Scarborough vs. Houston Washington
La Marque vs. Wharton

Sweeny has clinched. Each of Wharton, La Marque, and Kashmere can clinch with one win in their last two games or both Scarbourough and Washington losing one of their remaining two game. Scarbourgh and Washington play each other this week, so they can’t both lose. The winner of the La Marque/ Wharton game clinches a playoff spot. The loser will have to wait until Week 11 to clincg. Kashmere closes with a tough schedule against Sweeny and La Marque but is still likely a playoff team even with loses in both games.

Week 9 Scores

Bellville 27, Caldwell 7
Giddings 40, Royal 0
La Grange 14, Smithville 13

District Standings
3-0 La Grange
3-0 Giddings
2-1 Bellville
1-2 Smithville
0-3 Royal
0-3 Caldwell

In: La Grange, Giddings
Win and In: Bellville, Smithville
Needs Help: Royal, Caldwell
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Bellville vs. La Grange
Caldwell vs. Royal
Giddings vs. Smithville

La Grange and Giddings have clinched. Bellville would clinch with a win against either La Grange this week or Week 11 against Royal. Royal and Caldwell play with week with the loser being eliminated from playoff contention. Smithville closes against Giddings and Caldwell.

Week 9 Scores

Coldspring was open
Crockett 28, Elkhart 6
Diboll 55, Palestine Westwood 0
Franklin 60, Trinity 12

District Standings
4-0 Diboll
4-0 Franklin
3-1 Crockett
2-3 Elkhart
1-3 Coldspring
1-3 Westwood
0-5 Trinity

In: Diboll, Franklin
Win and In: Crockett
Needs Help: Elkhart, Coldspring, Westwood
Eliminated: Trinity

Week 10 Schedule
Coldspring vs. Elkhart
Crockett vs. Palestine Westwood
Diboll vs. Franklin
Trinity is open

Diboll and Franklin have clinched. Crockett clinches with a win over Westwood. Crockett can’t clinch with a loss. Elkhart only has this week’s game against Coldspring remaining. While a win will not guarantee a playoff berth a loss would put Elkhart is serious danger of missing the playoffs. Westwood and Coldspring play in Week 11 so one of those teams will have at least 2 district wins to close the season.

Week 9 Scores

Anahuac 41, Hardin 13
East Chambers 42, Buna 16
Kirbyville 35, Warren 22
Orangefield 31, Woodville 0

District Standings
5-0 East Chambers
5-0 Anahuac
4-1 Orangefield
2-3 Buna
2-3 Kirbyville
1-4 Hardin
1-4 Woodville
0-5 Warren

In: East Chambers, Anahuac, Orangefield
Win and In: Buna, Kirbyville
Needs help: Hardin, Woodville
Eliminated: Warren

Week 10 Schedule
Anahuac vs. East Chambers
Buna vs. Hardin
Kirbyville vs. Woodville
Orangefield vs. Warren

Three of the four spots have been set with East Chambers, Anahuac, and Orangefield. The fourth spot is up for grabs. Either Buna or Kirbyville can clinch the 4th spot by winning this week and beating the other team when they play next week. If they both loose this week, there would be a 4-way tie for 4th at 2-4 in district play between Buna, Kirbyville, Hardin, and Woodville. If both Buna and Kirbyville win this week, then the winner of their Week 11 game is the 4th playoff team.

Week 9 Scores

Altair Rice 39, Hitchcock 20
Palacios 21, Boling 7
Columbus 48, Hempstead 6

District Standings
3-0 Columbus
2-1 Palacios
2-1 Rice Consolidated
1-2 Hempstead
1-2 Hitchcock
0-3 Boling

In: None
Win and In: Columbus, Palacios, Rice Consolidated
Needs Help: Hempstead, Hitchcock, Boling
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Altair Rice vs. Columbus
Boling vs. Hitchcock
Hempstead vs. Palacios

Columbus would playoff berth this week if they beat Rice Consolidated or either Hitchcock loses to Boling or Hempstead loses to Palacios. Palacios would clinch a playoff berth with a win over Hempstead coupled with a Boling win over Hitchcock. Rice Consolidated would clinch a playoff berth with a win over Columbus and either Hitchcock loses to Boling or Hempstead loses to Palacios. There will still be playoff spots up for grabs after Week 10 so check back next week and this should be a little clearer.

Week 9 Scores

Corrigan-Camden 23, Anderson-Shiro 6
Hemphill 58, Kountze 8
Newton 54, New Waverly 7

District Standings
3-0 Newton
3-0 Camden-Corrigan
2-1 Anderson-Shiro
1-2 Hemphill
0-3 New Waverly
0-3 Kountze

In: Newton, Camden Corrigan
Win and In: Anderson-Shiro, Hemphill, New Waverly
Needs Help: Kountze
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Anderson-Shiro vs. Kountze
Corrigan-Camden vs. Newton
Hemphill vs. New Waverly

Newton and Camden-Corrigan have clinched playoff spots. Their game this week will decide the district title. Anderson-Shiro would clinch this week with a win over Kountze. Hemphill would clinch this week with a win over New Waverly coupled with a Anderson-Shiro win over Kountze. That scenario would eliminated both Kountze and New Waverly and lock in the four playoff teams. New Waverly hasn’t won a district game yet, but would lock in a playoff spot by win their final two games against Hemphill and Kountze as they would own any tie breaker against both teams by virtue of those two wins.

Week 9 Scores

East Bernard 54, Bloomington 0
Danbury was open
Schulenburg 22, Tidehaven 19
Ganado 35, Van Vleck 8

District Standings
5-0 East Bernard
4-1 Schulenburg
3-1 Ganado
2-2 Tidehaven
1-3 Danbury
0-4 Van Vleck
0-4 Bloomington

In: East Bernard, Schulenburg
Win and In: Ganado, Tidehaven
Needs Help: Danbury, Van Vleck, Bloomington

Week 10 Schedule
Bloomington vs. Van Vleck
Danbury vs. East Bernard
Tidehaven vs. Ganado
Schulenburg is open

East Bernard and Schulenburg have clinched playoff berths. Ganado clinches with a win over Tidehaven this week or a win over Schulenburg next week. Ganado clinches without a win if Danbury loses to either East Bernard this week or Van Vleck next week. Tidehaven clinches with a win this week against Ganado and a win next week against Bloomington. Tidehaven can clinch this week with a win over Ganado couple with a Danbury loss to East Bernard. Tidehaven can clinch with a loss this week and win over Bloomington in Week 11 coupled with a Danbury loss to either East Bernard or Van Vleck.

Week 9 Scores

Groveton 46, Deweyville 0
Shelbyville 51, Hull-Daisetta 16
San Augustine 77, West Sabine 8

District Standings
3-0 San Augustine
3-0 Shlebyville
2-1 Groveton
1-2 Deweyville
0-3 West Sabine
0-3 Hull-Daisetta

In: San Augustine, Shlebyville
Win and In: Groveton, Deweyville, West Sabine
Needs Help: Hull-Daisetta
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Deweyville vs. San Augustine
Groveton vs. Shelbyville
Hull-Daisetta vs. West Sabine

San Augustine and Shelbyville have clinched. Groveton clinches the playoffs with a win either this week against Shelbyville or a win Week 11 against Hull-Daisetta. Groveton can clinch without a win if several other games break the right way. Deweyville can clinch the playoffs if the beat both San Augustine this week and West Sabine next week. If they lose to San Augustine this week, then they’ll need to beat next week and wait for the results of the Hull-Daisetta/ West Sabine game this week to know what is required. West Sabine would clinch a play spot wins this week over Hull-Daisetta and next week over Deweyville.

Week 9 Scores

Evadale 30, Burkeville 0
Colmesneil was open
The Woodlands Christians 34, Grapeland 7
Lovelady 42, Saratoga West Hardin 6

District Standings
4-0 Grapeland
3-1 Lovelady
2-1 Evadale
2-2 West Hardin
0-3 Colmesneil
0-4 Burkeville

In: Grapeland, Lovelady, Evadale, West Hardin
Eliminated: Colmesneil, Burkville

Week 10 Schedule
Burkeville is open
Colmesneil vs. Evadale
Grapeland vs. Saratoga West Hardin
Lovelady is open

The four playoff teams are set: Grapeland, Loevelady, Evadale, West Hardin.

Week 9 Scores

Burton was open
Flatonia 34, Snook 8
Louise 13, Somerville 12

District Standings
3-0 Flatonia
1-1 Burton
1-1 Snook
1-1 Louise
0-3 Somerville

In: Flatonia
Win and In: Burton, Snook, Louise
Needs Help: Somerville
Eliminated: None

Week 10 Schedule
Burton vs. Somerville
Flatonia is open
Louise vs. Snook

Flatonia had clinched. Any of the other teams could make the playoffs. If Burton wins this week against Somerville then Somerville is eliminated and the four teams are set. If Somerville pulls the upset, then this will get messy and the final 3 spots won’t be determined until after the Week 11 games.

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