As we continue our everlasting and seemingly never ending wait for Texas football, be it high school, collegiate, or professional, we have to fill our time with something.

We want to know whose next. We want to know the next big name that will shine on the field.

That’s why I will be gradually bringing you my top 30 players in the state of Texas as I see fit through comparing film amongst the best of the best. You will see names that might ring a bell, might already be a household name, or may not know at all. That is the beauty of recruiting, as it is ever changing, and someone new will always and inevitably step up to the plate and make a name and future for themselves.

Now the most frequently asked question. Do stars matter? As much as we want to say no…they do. 6 of the 8 previous first overall picks were either 4 or 5-star players coming out of high school. Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford was a three-star and Utah QB Alex Smith was a 2-star prospect.

Four-star prospects taken first overall in the past 8 drafts include Stanford QB Andrew Luck, Michigan OT Jake Long, LSU QB JaMarcus Russell, and North Carolina DE Mario Williams. 5-star prospects taken first overall have had tremendous amounts of success in the form of Auburn QB Cam Newton, and Georgia QB Matthew Stafford.

So you tell me, do stars matter? We’ll see different star rankings in my top 30, and as always, you’re more than welcome to speak your opinion on whether you agree or not.

Make sure to check back as we unveil our Top 30.

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