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Playoff Game Preview: Lockhart Lions vs San Antonio Highlands Owls


Lockhart Lions (7-3) vs SA Highlands Owls (7-3)
Friday November 13 – 7:30pm
Lions Stadium – Lockhart, Texas

The Lions and Owls will do battle tonight to determine who will move on in the playoffs. One good team’s season will end tonight and that’s unfortunate, but the game must be played.

Both Lockhart and Highlands use two running backs to attack defenses. The Lions use Stephon Houston and DJ Ellison and Highlands use Christopher Ferguson and Bruce Moody.

While Lockhart does not really utilize the pass game, Highlands has had some success throwing the ball. Highlands QB Dylan Comacho has 734 passing yards and 9 passing touchdowns on the year. Comacho, Ferguson and Moody will be the key to having the Owls moving on.

Ellison and Houston have combined for 2,876 rushing yards and 32 rushing touchdowns for the Lions this year. For Lockhart to move on, these two will need to continue their success from the regular season.

I had a chance to catch up with Lions head coach Brian Herman and asked him a few questions about the upcoming match up, here is what we talked about.

Jeff Cerda: How did practice go this week? Are the kids ready to go?

Brian Herman: The excitement picked up this week. The boys are ready to get back on the field.

JC: What are your thoughts on the Highlands team?

BH: Highlands is MUCH improved. The have a solid program and do things that give their kids a chance for success. 

JC: What is it going to take to beat Highlands?

BH: We will have to be physical in the trenches. We must avoid penalties and turnovers and we MUST tackle well.

JC: Any update on DJ Ellison? He seemed to injure his arm/shoulder last week.

BH: DJ is feeling great and has had extra gear this week in practice, he is ready to go!

Michael De Leon caught up with Highlands coach Juan Morales earlier today and got a chance to ask him the same questions presented to Coach Herman.

Michael De Leon: How did practice go this week? Are the kids ready to go?

Juan Morales: Practice went very well this week. Our boys were extremely excited to be able to compete at this level and they’re extremely confident on their abilities. I have explained to them that it’s going to take a major effort in focus and discipline in order to beat a team like Lockhart.

Michael De Leon: What are your thoughts on the Lockhart team?

JM: They have great size and are really good at what it is they do.

Michael De Leon: What is it going to take to beat Lockhart?

JM: Keys to the game for us are simple. We will need great offensive output, we must win first down, and we must be positive on the turnover ratio.

I think these two teams are pretty evenly matched and it will come down to whichever team has the ball last. I don’t think any touchdowns will be given away tonight.

Cerda-Fied Prediction: Lockhart-28 Highlands-24

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Jeff Cerda is the founder and editor at Heel/Face Wrestling, and is also a reporter for Texas Redzone Report, Bobcats Insider and FightScribe.com.


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