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Coin Flips Determine Playoff Trips


It’s a classic “Friday Night Lights” scenario. Three-way tie for a district title and spot in the 5A Texas High School football playoffs determined on the last week of the regular season. One team is eliminated on point differential. Do we use the head-to-head matchup between the other two teams to determine who is deserving of the playoff spot? Of course not.

According to UIL rules, Timberview High School and Waxahachie High School had to determine the winner of the district by flipping a coin, and not by looking at the results of Waxahachie and Timberview game from earlier in the district schedule.

After a Timberview loss dropped them into the three-way tie and the third team was eliminated, the coaches decided to meet at the most Texas place possible for the showdown between heads and tails. Whataburger.

After surely breaking bread (or burgers) at the famous fast food joint, the coaches, including former Dallas Cowboy quarterback and current Waxahachie Head Coach Jon Kitna, flipped a coin.

The result came up tails, sending Timberview, who not only backed into the tie with the loss last Friday, but also lost to Waxahachie earlier this season, to the 5A Division II Playoffs as a number two seed.

Timberview will square off with South Oak Cliff this week in the first round of the playoffs.

Information from: Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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