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The Statman Speaks: Schertz Clemens vs. SA Johnson


On Friday, I was at Heroes stadium for a first-round playoff game between the Clemens Buffaloes (8-2, 4-2) and the Johnson Jaguars (7-3, 5-1).

I could’ve chosen any game on the first Friday of the 2015 playoffs, but I chose Clemens and Johnson primarily because they both have outstanding quarterbacks who have been starters since their sophomore years. Well, one started out as a wide receiver–just to get the facts correct.

I saw Johnson in Week 2 and Clemens in Weeks 5 and 6 and in those 3 games, Johnson and Clemens both lost. I also knew going into the game that one team would end up winning, so I’d feel like a jinx only to the other team.

Third, I knew this was game was going to be the best match-up this week and it wouldn’t be a blowout.

In his sophomore year, the Johnson Jaguar quarterback, Josh Theissen, was the starting wide receiver. He had 50 receptions for 967 yards with 7 touchdowns, 57 rushing yards and 2 touchdown passes. Johnson had their best season ever with 12 wins and 3 losses. If you do the math, Johnson played 15 games: just 1 shy of the state championship game. They lost to Katy (as a lot of teams do) in the state semifinals.

As a junior, Josh switched to the quarterback position where he had 702 passing yards, 462 rushing yards, and 157 receiving yards with 11 total touchdowns. This year, as a senior, he is 66 of 117 passing for 1,310 passing yards with 13 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and he has 93 carries for 489 yards with 14 touchdowns.

Was moving him to quarterback the best thing for Josh? His total yards have increased every year, but had he stayed at the wide receiver, I could easily be writing about how Josh is the best wide receiver I have ever seen.

Clemens’ quarterback, Frank Harris, started as a sophomore last season with 836 passing yards, and 568 rushing yards with 20 total touchdowns. This year, he has 1,370 passing yards and 1,020 rushing yards with 40 touchdowns. Dual-threat indeed! And we get him for one more year.

Last year, Clemens and Johnson also met in the 1st round of the playoffs and Johnson defeated Clemens with a score of 21 to 7. Frank Harris had 91 total yards with 1 touchdown and Josh Theissen had 115 total yards with 1 touchdown.

I must admit that I am on the Frank Harris bandwagon and I was expecting to see Clemens come out victorious and Harris and Theissen to have much better numbers than last year.

The last time I worked a game at Heroes Stadium was in Week 8 when the Lee Volunteers defeated the MacArthur Brahmas 59 to 57. I really wanted Lee to make the playoffs. That would have been awesome for the team.

I was communicating on Twitter with @Valenz_Doc before the game and he mentioned that Clemens and Johnson would be a shootout. I wasn’t sure if it would be a similar score to Lee and MacArthur or a lower-scoring close game. As long as it wasn’t a blowout, I was prepared for anything.

Clemens’ junior running back, Kamren Baker, came into this game with over 1,000 rushing yards. He scored the first touchdown of the game with just :38 seconds off the clock in the 1st quarter. It looked way too easy; even I could have scored! One minute later, Josh Theissen scored on a rushing touchdown. Johnson added a field goal and led Clemens 10 to 7 after the 1st quarter.

The Johnson Jaguars increased the lead to 17 to 7 after a short touchdown run. 33 seconds later, Frank Harris scored on a 59-yard run and Clemens trailed 17 to 14 with 10:11 left in the 2nd quarter. Just three minutes later, Josh Theissen scored his 2nd rushing touchdown of the game and Johnson again led by 10 points: 24 to 14. Anything you can do, Frank Harris can do better. Harris scored his 2nd rushing touchdown a minute later. Now the score was Johnson 24 and Clemens 21.

Anything Frank Harris can do, Josh Theissen can do better. With under 3 minutes in the 2nd quarter, Josh scored his 3rd rushing touchdown and Johnson led 30 to 21. The rivalry continued: 22 seconds later, Frank scored his 3rd rushing touchdown and left Clemens trailing 30 to 28. Clemens grabbed the lead with :10 left in the 2nd quarter after another Frank Harris’ 4th touchdown run. Clemens got their first lead-34 to 30-since they led 7 to 0 to start the game.

Clemens kicked off and Johnson’s Hunter Trinidad got the ball on a reverse just inside the goal line. He didn’t take a knee to end the 1st half. Instead, he found his blockers and outran all the Clemens defenders and scored to end the 1st half, WOW! So, at halftime, Johnson led 37 to 34.

How good were Josh and Frank in one half? Josh Theissen had 12 carries for 96 yards with 3 touchdowns and Frank Harris had 13 carries for 170 yards with 4 touchdowns. Kamren Baker, the junior Clemens running back, had 9 carries for 138 yards with 1 touchdown. Josh and Frank, the two quarterbacks, combined for just 5 completions in 12 attempts.

This game would either come down to who has the ball last or who can make some defensive stops.

The Johnson Jaguars got the ball first in the 3rd quarter and Josh Theissen scored his 4th rushing touchdown of the game. They took 6:23 on that opening drive and led 44 to 34. Johnson scored again and increased the lead to 51 to 34 with just under 90 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. Clemens had no answer for the Johnson running game. It looked like Clemens was running out of juice.

Going into the 4th quarter, Clemens trailed 51 to 34. I need to start taking advice from @Valenz_Doc because not only did he tell me this game would be a shootout, but he also mentioned to never count Frank Harris out. On his 17th carry, Frank Harris scored on a 28-yard run–his 5th of the night-and that cut the Johnson lead to 51 to 41.

Clemens forced Johnson to punt on their next drive. Three minutes later, Frank Harris threw a 22-yard touchdown pass. The Johnson lead was now 51 to 47 with just under 4 minutes left in the game. The Johnson Jaguars had a 3rd and 12 from Clemens’ 22 yard line with 2:04 remaining in the game. I am glad I am not a coach because I wouldn’t be able to make a choice of what to do: do you kick a field goal or try to run the ball? Clemens only had 1 timeout left. Johnson threw the ball and Clemens intercepted it. Another huge stop by the Clemens defense. I am not going to second-guess the Johnson coaching staff about that play because they know their playbook much better than I do.

On the very next play for Clemens, Frank Harris ran the ball for a 77-yard touchdown run–his 6th of the game. Just like that, Clemens led 54 to 51 with just under 2 minutes left.

In a game where both teams could score quickly, that was plenty of time for Johnson, and especially for Josh Theissen, for a game-winning touchdown. But then Clemens might have time left for their own game-winning touchdown. The Clemens Buffaloes stopped Johnson for a 3rd consecutive time as a 4th-down pass from Theissen was incomplete. Clemens had the ball and the lead. Frank Harris ran it once for 15 yards and then they took a knee in a victory celebration.

The final score was Clemens 54 and Johnson 51. Definitely the best game on the first Friday night. I chose a great one! Who will I cover next week? The Clemens Buffaloes will play the Brandeis Broncos on Friday at 7:30 at The Alamodome.

The Johnson Jaguars played a great game and never gave up. I have enjoyed watching Josh Theissen excel on the football field since 2013 and wish him luck at the next level. Josh finished with 22 carries for 140 yards with 4 touchdowns on Friday night. Dylan Pouncy, a junior running back, had 17 carries for 123 yards.

Frank Harris, the junior Clemens quarterback, had 23 carries for 340 yards with 6 touchdowns and was 10 of 15 passing for 153 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. He had touchdowns runs of 59, 65, and 77 yards. I will add ‘em up for y’all: 493 total yards with 7 touchdowns. That is by far the best individual performance I have ever seen and I have been around high school football since 1997. Kamren Baker, Clemens’ junior running back, had 14 carries for 151 yards with 1 touchdown.

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Here are a few teaser pics from the game:

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