The Brandeis Broncos’ season ended on Friday as the Clemens Buffaloes defeated them by a score of 35 to 31. Two players on the Broncos deserve a lot of recognition for what they did on the football field. They aren’t household names, but they should be.

The senior quarterback for Brandeis, Paul Lozano, is the team’s leader in passing yards; and the senior running back for Brandeis, Jaylon Dukes, came very close to becoming the team leader in rushing yards and touchdowns.IMG_0054

The stats below are per the San Antonio Express News:

Paul Lozano
SR – 2033 passing yards with 16 touchdowns
JR – 1,972 passing yards with 15 touchdowns
SO – 77 passing yards with 1 touchdown
TOTAL – 4,082 passing yards with 32 touchdowns (the touchdown passes record is held by Brian Chapman, at 33).

Jaylon Dukes
SR – 1,428 rushing yards with 18 touchdowns
JR – 1,613 rushing yards with 27 touchdowns
SO – 1,011 rushing yards with 7 touchdowns
TOTAL – 4,052 rushing yards with 52 touchdowns (the record is held by Trinton Ynclan who had 4,153 rushing yards with 56 touchdowns).

It has been my absolute pleasure to watch these two excel on the football field and I wish them all the best at the next level.

Paul and Jaylon are going to be very difficult to replace on the Brandeis football team, but I have complete confidence in the coaching staff that they won’t lose a beat on offense.

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