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Hurricane Reeves the next NFL STAR.


What Hurricane? That is Hurricane Reeves a category five waiting to unleash fury on the future competition. I say the future competition because this Category five hurricane is just 6 years old! That is right Hurricane Reeves is only 6 years old, but he is already catching the scouts and NFL players eyes. Reeves is from the Allen and McKinney Texas area a mecca of high school football in the Lonestar state. Allen high school has produced numerous state champions as well as famous alumni such as Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Kyler Murray. Can Hurricane Reeves be the next Kyler Murray?

Sure, why not? Athletes these days are starting the training and recruiting process much earlier and Hurricane is ahead of the game in every category. In the past younger players did not do much in the off season but now with camps, 7v7 football and social media the game is changing. Reeves has been playing ball since he was four years old and has an incredible social media following to back up his game. Reeves is followed by numerous pro football players, college football stars and big-name UFC contenders. Cane now has over 16k followers and the list is growing by the day. Cane is also a huge Christian McCaffery fan and often studies and watches his highlights for hours on in. A true student of the game at such a young age.

Cane trains at D1Allen a hot spot for the best football players in the country. Reeves has always enjoyed talking football with his father and told him at an extremely young age that he wanted to play college football. Reeves dad did not hesitate to sign him up with former NFL Wide Receiver Chris Givens who was amazed by the athletic prowess of such a young athlete. Reeves also shows excellent social skills and has met with or trained with numerous football stars such as Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, Johnny Manziel and a whole lot more.

What is it that makes Hurricane special? He has an advanced skill set for a player of his age. He displays and shows the motor skills of an older individual. There is plenty of highlights on Hurricane’s Instagram page. Once there you will see a wide variety of spin moves, elite quickness for his age and an uncanny ability to go up and high point the ball on a catch.

If there is one thing for sure Hurricane Reeves has a tremendously bright future ahead of him. He has great parents and a solid family around him to get him step by step to the next level. Hurricane trains daily at a dizzying pace and is far ahead of other athletes his age. The sky is the limit for Hurricane. Up next is the pads and full helmets and by all accounts Hurricane is ready to destroy the competition!

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