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Top prospects in the NFL Draft


The 86th annual NFL Draft takes place later this week and there is little anticipation as to who the Jacksonville Jaguars will select with the first pick. Mock drafts vary as to who will go in the next several picks.  Instead of delving into another 2021 NFL mock draft, we’ll take a look at the top overall prospects available.

1- Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

No surprise that Lawrence lands at the top after being number one recruit to winning a national championship. At 6’ 6” and 213 pounds, Lawrence had to live up to incredible hype, and he did.  Lawrence possesses great arm strength and ability to scan the field quickly. He has amazing mobility for a man of his stature. He’s clearly in a league of his own and a future NFL All-Star in the making.

2- Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

It’s unusual for a tight end to be ranked this high, particularly considering the overall value attached to the position. However, taking a look at the raw physical gifts the 6’ 6”, 245-pound Pitts possesses, and it’s easy to see the ranking. He has the mobility of a receiver, and size to snatch balls in traffic. Blocking isn’t his forte, but Pitts is going to be a key component to any team’s passing game.

3- Penei Sewll, OT, Oregon

Despite sitting out the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sewell is undoubtedly the top offensive lineman coming out. He won the Outland Trophy in 2019 and has flexibility that is uncommon for a man 6’ 5” and 330 pounds.  Sewell needs more work considering his relative lack of playing experience, but has all the tools to be a cornerstone NFL left tackle.

4 – Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

Chase opted out of last season due to concerns of COVID-19, but he showed enough in 2019 to vault him to the top of the wide receiver class. A 6’ and 200 pounds, Chase had nearly 1800 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns. Although his size isn’t great, Chase has both the speed to run past defenders and the toughness to battle in traffic.

5 – Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

Wilson vaulted up the list from a nearly also-ran to a sure-fire upper echelon pick in the draft. At 6’ 2” and 215 pounds, Wilson showed a strong arm on deep balls and the ability to complete passes on the move. There are some questions are to whether or not his style of play will translate to a quicker NFL game. However, Wilson’s accuracy and fast release should buy him time until he gets acclimated to the NFL. 

6- Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

Fields has the best accuracy of all the quarterbacks in this class. The biggest problem with the 6’ 3”, 227-pound signal-callers is that he is sometimes slow in decision-making. This could keep teams from selecting Fields.  However, if he can improve in that one big weakness of his game, teams will be more than disappointed that they didn’t pull the trigger on Fields, who threw for 5701 yards and 67 touchdowns over three collegiate seasons.

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