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Is Nebraska Leading the Richie Rich Sweepstakes?



Richard Torres is coming off of an exciting weekend that included an official visit to the Nebraska Cornhuskers where he made waves in the area. The Torres visit went well by all accounts as he got to Nebraska a little earlier than other prospects giving him some more time to meet the coaches, players and get acclimated with the area.

Photo by: Mike Quintero
Richie Rich looks on during the Cardinals playoff win over Jefferson. Photo By: Mike Quintero

The Cornhuskers have made a strong push for Torres and so far, it seems to be paying off for them. Torres is one of the top high school quarterbacks in the nation and has really caught the eye of Nebraska’s head coach Scott Frost. Frost lights up when talking about Torres knowing the potential of the young star. Frost knows a thing or two about quarterbacks having recruited NFL quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Justin Herbert in the past.

Torres was thoroughly impressed with Nebraska’s program and the reception he received upon arrival. Torres definitely looks like a quarterback that can help change Frost and Nebraska’s fortunes. Torres stands a towering 6’6 (6’7) in cleats and can throw the ball eighty yards down the field. Some local scouts say he is the most sought-after local quarterback since Steele’s Tommy Armstrong who himself attended Nebraska. I have to agree and certainly one of the most exciting quarterbacks since a quarterback by the name of Johnny Manziel roamed these parts.

Torres has a unique talent that cannot be measured in a 7 on 7 game or a quarterback camp. It’s the kind of uncanny ability of a Johnny Manziel or dare I say Tony Romo in the pocket. Torres can calmly feel pressure in the pocket like a sixth sense. This unique ability allows him to maneuver the pocket and keep plays alive down the field with ease. Torres this last season had several plays he extended on his feet that lasted longer than twenty seconds. What is impressive is how Torres moves in the pocket for having such a tall stature. Torres moves like a smaller guy in the pocket and has the ability to scan above the heads of larger defenders and heave it eighty yards down the field. If that is not unique, I don’t know what is. At this point I believe Torres has the most unique skill set of any quarterback in the nation.

Which begs the question who else is after Torres? No Texas Tech, TCU or Texas Longhorns? It would seem absurd that some of the bigger programs in the state of Texas would allow such a talented prospect to walk. But we have heard it all before and recently major Texas programs have failed to keep some of the most talented prospects in Texas. The game of football is more than just scouting numbers and pouring over analytical data. The best scouts have that ability to see something so unique it baffles the eye. Torres has the it factor.

Richie Rich is set to have a major year under Ricky Lock and the Southside Cardinals coaching staff. Lock and the staff continue to roll out prospects. Southside is quickly becoming a factory and word has it there is more players coming down the pipeline. Make sure you get a ticket to see Southside and Torres this season because it’s going to be one heck of a show.

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