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Somerset’s Koal Detmer Heats Up.


Koal Detmer is ready for his Senior season as he takes the reigns of the offense for the third consecutive year. Detmer is another young and talented prospect from the Detmer line of quarterbacks eager to lead the Bulldogs back to the playoffs. Detmer will surely get his shot to lead them back this season.

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Koal Detmer’s time at Somerset has been marred by tragedy as Somerset lost Sonny Detmer and Marvin Allen last season within weeks of each other. Losing two coaches and already under stress from Covid19’s life altering effects on the football season was too much for the Bulldogs to overcome. But the loss of legendary Sonny Detmer goes back further than last season as Detmer’s health had been an issue since before this last season. The combination of events inhibited some of Koal’s development as he was not able to work with the legendary coach as much as he should have.

Big news came in the off season as it was announced that former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and Mission High head coach Koy Detmer was coming back to Somerset to take over the head coaching job. Koy Detmer is Koal’s dad and the news has been incredibly welcoming for the talented young quarterback. Word on the street is that Koy Detmer has already brought much needed life back to the program. Workouts are going harder and there is excitement in the air.

Koal is as excited as he’s ever been with his dad back in control and calling plays for a Somerset offense that has been rather stagnant the last couple of seasons. This will definitely be Koal’s best season yet as he looks to bring Somerset back to power.

Detmer has had good games including a come from behind fourth quarter comeback against Tuloso-Midway on the road. A game which he threw the game winning touchdown pass in an exciting 30-26 victory over the Warriors. Koal also had a good game against Pleasanton in a final minute victory. Detmer and the Bulldogs are looking to take momentum from these games and turn the upcoming season into a memorable one.

I think the Bulldogs are going to have a great season with their new head coach, an experienced Detmer under center and plenty of hungry Bulldogs looking to get back into the Playoffs. One of the more exciting games I will be looking forward to is the “Battle of 1604” in which Detmer will get a chance to go score for score against Southside’s star quarterback Richard Torres! Detmer Vs. Torres! What’s not to like about that match up?

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