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2016 National Signing Day Wrap: San Antonio

Cibolo Steele's Mark Jackson.

On Wednesday, it was National Signing Day.  Basically, it is the day that high school athletes will make a 4-year commitment on not only where to attend college, but also to continue playing a sport that they excelled in.  

When I was 18, I didn’t have to do deal with National Signing Day as there were no offers for my high school basketball managerial duties.  I was actually clueless and extremely unprepared when it came to what college I should attend, although I did have it narrowed down to UTSA and SAC.  

Unlike the athletes on Wednesday, it was my decision alone (with a little help from my parents) to attend UTSA.   Another decision I had to make shortly after I graduated from high school was whether or not to be a high school basketball statistician for the Cuero Gobblers — a friend of mine was the radio voice.  Obviously, I said YES and that ultimately led me to where I am today as a high school football statistician and a writer.  

My advice should any athletes ask me is to “keep it local” — my dreams came true and yours can also.  Step up UTSA, UIW, and Trinity — and, I guess I can add Texas State to it.

I know that high school athletes are under so much pressure from everybody and I don’t even want to attempt to understand how they make this decision — but I do think it would be awesome to get some insight from an athlete.  Do I have any takers?

I do know that once that final decision is made, it a joyous moment and most definitely a sigh of relief. As a high school football statistician and writer, I live for this day because I can tell people, “I saw him play high school football.”  A select few have even made it to the NFL.  

Even though, we will see the announcement on social media, it isn’t official until a fax machine from 1985 receives the athlete’s signature.  Yeah, you heard me right and that is why fax machines are a necessity and will never become obsolete.

Let’s take a look at some of the players on the Judson Rockets, the Steele Knights, and the Clemens Buffaloes because these were 3 of the top teams in San Antonio in 2015.  Steele and Judson were also the final 2 San Antonio teams playing in the playoffs — both lost in the state-semifinals.  

Judson Rockets
Alton Robinson – Texas A&M
Xavier Morris – Texas A&M Commerce
Shane Calvin – Texas A&M Kingsville
Terrance Hickman II – UIW
Jacob Alonzo – Cisco
Gregory Craddock – Navarro
Dominque Ramsey – Texas A&M Commerce
Malik Taylor – Navarro

Steele Knights
Mark Jackson – Oklahoma
Bryson Denley – Texas Tech
Antoine Cox-Wesley – Texas Tech
Tyler Bingham – Western Colorado
Zach Blevins – Oklahoma Baptist
Isaiah Fields – Texas A&M Commerce

Clemens Buffaloes

Mark Westbrook – Texas A&M-Commerce
Grant Ritter – Concordia (Neb.)
Kyle Lengyel – Hardin-Simmons
Michael Howell – Mary Hardin-Baylor
Luke Jennings – Hardin-Simmons
Adonis Johnson – Air Force
Kristian Howard – Cisco
Billy Honaker – Navy

Now, let’s see where some of my favorite football players I’ve watched over the last few years  will be playing collegiate football:

Christian Mallard – Taft – Air Force
Moses Reynolds – Jay – Texas A&M
Daniel Rosenfeld – Antonian – Air Force
Paul Lozano – Brandeis – Doane
Tommy Woods – Brandeis – Angelo State
Kyle Fuller – Lee – Navarro
Devontre McGarity – Brennan – Cisco
Jamontae Edwards – O’Connor – Cisco

There are a bunch more players who as of this publishing haven’t made a decision and I really hope that they will get a chance to shine as collegiate football players because they were a blast to watch on the high school football field.  Here are a few of them:

Dai’jon Williams – MacArthur
Josh Theissen – Johnson
Mike Ramirez – McCollum
Bruce Moody – Highlands
Raymonte Prime – Sam Houston
Antonio Lopez – Brackenridge

If you want to see the San Antonio complete list, please visit: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/hssports/2016/02/e-n-area-high-school-signing-list/

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