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Lawrence White, the newest Oakland Raider


On April 30, Texas State tight end Lawrence White signed a deal with the Oakland Raiders, becoming the third Bobcat(Adrian Bellard; Chicago, David Mims II; Atlanta) to sign a free agent deal since the draft concluded. 

Although he did not have the opportunity to display his skills the way he would have liked with the Bobcats, he felt like attending showcases and playing in an all-star game helped his chances of making it into the league. 

“The showcase in Dallas gave a huge boost to my confidence,” said White. “I performed well out there and I knew I caught everyone’s attention. Since then on, I felt like I had a legitimate chance of playing at the next level.”

The Raiders weren’t the only NFL team eyeing White. 

“I spoke with a number of teams from the all-star games I went to all the way up to days before the draft. My agent also spoke with a few others that I didn’t personally have a chance to talk with.” 

He said he watched the draft and talked a little about his whole experience and what he has learned during his journey. 

“It was a confusing experience. You don’t know what to expect at all. I watched the draft, knowing there was a good chance my name wouldn’t get called, to see where the tight ends were going. My agent handled things behind the scenes and called me about 30 minutes to an hour after the draft ended to let me know that I would be getting an opportunity with the Raiders. This journey just strengthened my faith in God. I’ve never stressed over things because I know he has a plan. Everything happens for a specific reason, so you can end up in the situation where you want to be.”

White mentioned that he will be leaving to Oakland on May 12 and he is ready to show his new team what he can do. “I’m just fired up to showcase my talent that I didn’t really get the chance to at Texas State.”

I asked him if Bobcats new head coach Everett Withers gave him any advice leading up to the draft. “I spoke to him briefly on a couple of occasions. He shared some insight with his NFL experience being a coach. He told me it just comes down to who wants it the most.”

On what it means to be a part of the select few of former Bobcats that have the opportunity to play in the NFL: “I just want to give the young guys hope. I wasn’t a star player at Texas State and I had to earn every opportunity I got. Just want them to know that anything is possible with hard work. Anything!”

Although he has a semester of student teaching before he is done, White is majoring in Exercise Sports Science with a minor in Health and Wellness promotion. He wants to help kids from his hometown and give them guidance that they too can do anything they want to do.

“I want to coach and develop high school players back home. I want to give them the opportunities I was fortunate to have.”

I asked him which of his future teammates he was most excited about working with, he mentioned that there was “too many to choose from,” but that his main focus was “doing everything he can to make the final roster.”

White has put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes that not many people get to see or know about, so this opportunity isn’t surprising at all. If he carries his work ethic with him to the next level, there’s no doubt that he will be on a roster, whether it be with the Raiders or another team. 

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Jeff Cerda is the founder and editor at Heel/Face Wrestling, and is also a reporter for Texas Redzone Report, Bobcats Insider and FightScribe.com.


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