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$760 OAS Benefits: Mark Your Calendars on February 10 – Senior Awaits!

$760 OAS Benefits Coming for Seniors. (PHOTO: Income Tax Gujarat)

Seniors Count Down to February 10

$760 OAS Benefits in Canada. (PHOTO: TNAU Online)

This will please seniors on February 10! If eligible, your OAS benefits will rise $760. People are glad February 10 will aid seniors more. The Canadian government will offer seniors additional money on February 10. This delights them. Seniors experiencing money issues will be glad to know that Old Age Security (OAS) payments are rising to $760.

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Different People Need Different Amounts

According to IT Gujarat finance report, the government will send this extra money through the Canada Revenue Agency. This person will get between 713.34 and 784.67 CAD each month, based on their age and how much money they make each year. The extra money is meant to help seniors handle their money better, especially since the cost of living is rising.

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A 5% Boost in Old Age Security Payments

Those who are applying for the first time will get about 5% more money than those who have been applying for a while. Giving adults more money from Old Age Security is meant to help them and make their lives a little easier. The money will be sent right to their bank accounts, which will make the process quick and easy. In these hard times, it’s a good idea to help older people handle their money better.

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