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8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago 2023

Facing elevated crime, Chicago residents turn to technology for safety in high-risk neighborhoods, aiming to protect homes and loved ones.

Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

According to the Southwest Journal, in Chicago, known for its culture and economy, high crime rates in specific neighborhoods challenge urban safety for its 2.7 million residents. The city faces a crime rate 67% above the national average, especially in ten neighborhoods grappling with violent and property crimes, including gun violence. In response, residents use advanced technology to secure homes, highlighting the city’s vibrant life alongside crucial security measures.

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8 Dangerous Cities


In the far south of Chicago, Riverdale faces a high crime rate, emphasizing safety concerns for its residents.

West Englewood

West Englewood has a crime rate double the city average, with residents facing a serious risk of violent crime.

Grand Crossing

Grand Crossing deals with high crime rates daily, impacting physical and mental well-being.

East Garfield Park

East Garfield Park grapples with gun violence and gang activity, reflecting high instances of violent and property crimes.


Englewood faces crime rates higher than Chicago’s average, worsened by elevated poverty, affecting residents with common crimes.


Austin consistently ranks high in both violent and property crime, prompting residents to work on improving their living conditions.

Washington Park

Washington Park deals with a very high violent crime rate, creating an environment of constant concern for its residents.

West Garfield Park

West Garfield Park tops the list with an exceptionally high violent crime rate, primarily linked to rampant gang activity, impacting community well-being.

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