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A Certified Financial Planner Shares Their 2024 Money Resolutions That You Can Absolutely Follow!

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Are you already planning your perfect new year’s resolution for 2024? Why not include some financial goals in your next year’s resolution? If you are planning to include some money resolutions next year, then this article is for you! Check out these money resolutions that a certified financial planner personally created for next year!

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2024 Money Resolutions From A Certified Financial Planner

SOURCE– Julian Davis, a director at Homrich Berg and a certified financial planner, shares his money resolutions that he personally made for 2024.

Increase Net Worth By 12%

  • Included in the 2024 money resolutions of the certified financial planner is setting a goal to increase his net worth for next year. The certified financial planner said that his goal is to increase his net worth by 12%, even though it is probably an overarching goal.

Rebuild Emergency Fund

  • Certified Financial Planner Julian Davis recommends his clients to have between three and six months of expenses when it comes to emergency funds. Having emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses will save you from unnecessary stress. Certified Financial Planner Julian Davis plans to funnel the bonuses he and his wife get for rebuilding their emergency funds.

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2024 Money Resolutions From A Certified Financial Planner

Set Aside Money For “Fun” Expenses

  • Certified Financial Planner Julian Davis also plans to redirect a portion of his income towards savings spent for “fun,” such as vacation. The certified financial planner said that having separate savings solely for “fun” expenses would make traveling and vacations less worrying. In building his “fun” expense funds, certified financial planner Julian Davis said that he will directly deposit part of his paycheck into a separate account.

Create Estimate Plan

  • The last thing in the 2024 money resolutions is to get an estimate planning in order. In creating your own estate plan, it is worth noting that you can start with small things, like making sure the beneficiaries on your retirement plan and other accounts are correct. The next step is for you to work with a financial advisor to help you create a plan and get a trustworthy attorney. Estate planning attorneys can help you get the necessary documents prepared.

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