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A Dallas Man Was Allegedly Captured Attempting To Sneak 187 Firearms Into Mexico Across The Border

Albuquerque Bank Robber
An FBI agent's statement revealed that Smeltzer quickly admitted to all the crimes, disclosing a surprising reason for his actions: he was using the stolen money to support his severe addiction to fentanyl. (PHOTO: Adobe Stock)

Federal court papers state that a Dallas man was apprehended at the border reportedly attempting to transport roughly 200 weapons into Mexico.

Santiago Ramirez, 26, of Dallas, is accused of trafficking in firearms and faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail.

A federal indictment states that Ramirez informed federal agents that he received $6,000 to smuggle guns from Dallas into Mexico on behalf of a man known only as “El Tio” in Mexico.

Mexican Drug Cartel

According to criminal documents, Ramirez informed federal authorities that he was told to leave an empty trailer in the Dallas Walmart parking lot. A few days later, he returned with that same trailer, only this time it was loaded with guns concealed by a fictitious wall.

Weapons are Seized


(Photo: GIJN)

The armaments, which included assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns, were discovered hidden inside the trailer by Eagle Pass border officers when Ramirez attempted to enter the country on October 30.

According to court documents, Ramirez willingly admitted to federal authorities that he had twice before transported weapons into Mexico for the same man.

On Thursday, Ramirez showed up in federal court for the first time. His San Antonio attorney was contacted by the CBS News Texas I-Team, but they had not received a response.

Mexican drug cartels began searching northward to the DFW area for gun straw buyers and transporters when federal law enforcement stepped up efforts to combat gun trafficking in border cities, according to Jeffery Boshek, AFT Special Agent in Charge for the Dallas Field Division, who spoke with the CBS News Texas I-Team last month.

Those who acquire guns on behalf of someone else are known as straw buyers. It is paid transporters who move the weapons across the border.

“It’s a huge problem on both sides or the border,” Boshek stated. “I would say it’s the ATF’s and the Dallas Field Division’s number one priority.”

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