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A Gunshot At An Arlington Mall Resulted In Several Arrests

Shooting Incident (Photo: hindustantimes)

Following the shooting in Arlington’s Parks Mall on Thursday night, several persons have been taken into custody.

Who Are The Suspects?

The suspects were identified by the Arlington Police Department as:

Damius Lindon, 19, was arrested for fighting in public on one count. Jaccques Jacques, 19, was arrested for fighting in public on one count. Harris Careco, 17 – One count of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon will be brought against him. Kaiden Jackson, 18, was arrested on two charges of using a deadly weapon during an aggravated assault.

An Arlington Police Department news release states that Lindon, Jacques, and Harris argued with Jackson about one of them talking to another person’s girlfriend at the mall.

The altercation eventually turned physical. Authorities said Harris produced a handgun and aimed it toward the opposing group, striking one of them, however it doesn’t seem like he discharged any shots.

Hit By A Bullet


(Photo: MG Co)

The press release stated that Jackson took up the revolver after Harris dropped it and fired it, striking Harris in the arm. Another person close, a 38-year-old lady, was also hit in the leg by a bullet. She didn’t participate in the altercation.

Harris and the bystander were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that did not pose a threat to their lives.

Jackson, Lindon, and Jacques were all scheduled to appear in court at Arlington City Jail on Friday afternoon. Once Harris is released from the hospital, according to the police, he will be booked. According to Arlington police, there may be more charges pending and the investigation is still ongoing.

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