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A hospital wants a new trial for Maya Kowalski because of a juror’s note that says Nazi symbols were used.

Maya Kowalski case. (PHOTO: google)

Hospital Says Jurors Did Wrong Thing: Claims of Nazi Symbols on Court Notes Are Unsettling

Maya Kowalski case. (PHOTO: google)

According to FOX News report, Last Thursday, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHAC) asked for a new hearing in the case of Maya Kowalski’s medical abuse, saying that the judges had been unfair. The hospital says that during the hearing, Juror No. 1 wrote notes with Nazi symbols on them. On November 24, a jury in Florida gave Kowalski’s family more than $260 million in damages. This led the defense to ask for a new trial in 140 pages. The hospital says that Juror No. 1 was biased against Dr. Sally Smith because she thought she looked like a Nazi. Based on these charges, the defense wants a new hearing. There will be a hearing on Friday.

The defense said that Maya’s trial had a “massively tainted verdict” because they said that Juror No. 1’s leadership and the plaintiff’s points were clearly biased and full of emotion. The judges found JHAC guilty of unfair confinement, false bills, and causing a lot of mental pain. The defense says Juror No. 1 did more wrong, like being biased against the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Following the verdict that JHAC abused Maya Kowalski, the film “Take Care of Maya.” was created. The hospital wants a new trial even though the jury’s decision was upheld because of recent revelations of juror misconduct, such as Nazi imagery. Maya’s lawyer said that the new defense effort was “completely and utterly inappropriate.”

There will be a new trial meeting on Friday to look over the hospital’s request and the defense’s claims that the jury was not honest. As both sides fight the decision and look for legal action, the case shows the legal and moral problems that come up in high-stakes medical abuse cases.


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