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A List of the Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago You Might Want to Avoid When Visiting


Read today’s list of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago to know which places to avoid when visiting the city.


Chicago is a city of contrasts; this city’s glitz and glamour coincide with the harsh realities of neighborhoods that see almost 450 murders a year. As famous as it is with its deep-dish pizzas, it is also infamous for its crime rate. Take a drive with us to know the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.


Southwest Journal has compiled a list for the worst neighborhoods in Chicago that you might want to consider visiting or moving. Let us take a look at the list below:


  1. SOUTH CHICAGO. Despite its challenges, this neighborhood has its charms. Its location offers beachside summer weekends, and its beautiful churches. However, a tough economy marked by a 13.2% unemployment rate, places South Chicago among the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.


  1. GRAND CROSSING. Despite its proximity to a lake, it is not a place you want to visit. This has the 8th worst crime rate and median income levels around $30,799, which makes it to this list of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.


  1. PULLMAN. Pullman was names after the Pullman Company, a luxury railroad car manufacturer. However, with the decline of train manufacturing, this neighborhood has borne the brunt of economic shifts, making it one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. Unemployment rate here is 13.0% while the median income is $38,397.


  1. SOUTH DEERING. One of Chicago’s southernmost neighborhoods was once buoyed by local steel refineries, however, this is now part of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. As the local economy is harsh, with an unemployment rate of 14.5% and a median income of $37,207.

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  1. BURNSIDE. Fun fact: Burnside was named after Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, whose unique facial hair inspired the term for sideburns. But, this fun fact is overshadowed by Burnside’s reputation as one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. Burnside has been struggling with economic challenges since the closure of local manufacturing facilities in the latter half of the 20th century. The unemployment rate here is at 9.6% and the median income is at $25,642.


  1. WEST ENGLEWOOD. Home to 30,662 residents, this ranks low in home values and income levels, as well as it’s high in crime. West Englewood is a stone’s throw away from the worst conditions in the city, making it to this list of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.


  1. FULLER PARK. Fuller Park is a historical hotspot for danger in the city. With its struggling economy and high crime rate, this is no surprise that it is part of this list of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. Resident here face an unemployment rate of 13.6% and a median income of just $22,962.

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