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A Man Is Charged With Murder In Connection with A Fentanyl Fatality

Fentanyl trafficking (Photo: reuters)

A guy is being charged with murder in Tarrant County for the first time in relation to a fentanyl-related fatality.

Murder Charges

It occurs just weeks after Tarrant County’s district attorney established a new unit to concentrate on drug prosecutions and after state law was amended last summer to permit murder charges.

The kind of scenario where Brandon Harrison’s death three months ago from a tablet he didn’t know was manufactured with fentanyl was previously written off as an overdose or accident. However, a fresh arrest warrant was issued for the man on Tuesday who is already being prosecuted for selling Brandon Harrison the medication. For murder this time.

According to Barnes, it offers law enforcement some much-needed fangs to combat the pandemic. Just in Fort Worth, his unit responds to three deaths every week.

It is anticipated that additional cases may result in murder charges, and the district attorney’s office now has a specialized team working on the cases. Richard Harrison remarked, “There are so many kids dying who don’t deserve to die.”

Arrest For Drug Offence


Source: ABC News

According to his father, Brandon Harrison was one of those. While he was making great efforts to kick his addictions, his passing also served as inspiration for another aspect of the plan.

His father stated that he now plans to become a drugs officer, and his brother Blake Harrison is presently enrolled in training to serve with Dallas police.

Richard Harrison declared, “He’s going to 100% make a difference and try to get these guys off the street as well.” “They’re rescuing children, and really, how much is that worth? Is it quantifiable? It’s not possible. A grand jury is still anticipated to hear the murder case.

Barnes added that it is aggravating to see persons they arrest for drug offenses return to the streets within a few days of their detention. Jacob Lindsay cannot get out of this murder charge tonight.

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