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A Mother Of Four Who Vanished After Attending A birthday celebration In Irving

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Chalice Welch, a 24-year-old mother of four, went missing last week after attending a birthday celebration in Irving. The search for her has been more intense. According to Chalice’s mother, Kimberly Spinks, “not knowing where she is is really distressing.”

What Happened?

The most recent communication from Kimberly Spinks’ daughter, which was sent over a week ago, was displayed to us. Welch had gone to a birthday celebration at this Irving hotel on Friday night, barely a day before. Days before her one-year-old son’s first birthday, she vanished.

“She’s always there for her kids, and she always goes to work,” Spinks added. According to Spinks, her daughter is a waitress at a restaurant in Arlington.

“As far as I know, there was nothing wrong that would make her want to leave,” Spinks replied. She looks after her children during the day and works virtually every evening after that.”

Ongoing Investigation


Source: CNN

According to Welch’s family, her cellphone was found in this Dallas neighborhood near Walnut Hill and Central Expressway after she was declared missing. The service provider has since informed them that it has been tampered with and is no longer functional.

Irving police stated that their detectives are still working hard on this case and that they have no updates on the search.

The intention of sharing that missing person’s post online is to encourage someone to come forward with information that could assist bring the young mother and her young children back together.

“My heart breaks for her children, for my grandchildren, because I know that they’re at home right now wondering where is my mommy,” Spinks stated. “Why did she disappear for so long? When will she return home?”

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