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A NASA engineer creates glitter bombs to deter car thieves.

Photo from Google

Rober and his colleagues created a high-tech glitter bomb with a foul-smelling spray after being infuriated.

Photo from Google

Former NASA Engineer’s Glitter Bomb Thwarts Car Thieves in San Francisco

When his automobile was stolen in San Francisco, former NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober came up with a novel solution. Rober and his colleagues created a high-tech glitter bomb with a foul-smelling spray after being infuriated. Rober escalated his vendetta against car break-ins after using glitter bombs to stop parcel thieves.

Rober meticulously placed backpacks and suitcases with cameras, tracking devices, and pressurized canisters of biodegradable glitter and a smelly spray in a decoy car. After stealing the bags, the glitter bomb and stench spray detonated, surprising the robbers.

The burglars’ reactions to the dazzling surprise and foul odor were hilariously filmed. One burglar was blamed for the odor, proving Rober’s unorthodox security solution worked. Even when glitter bombs made the stolen bags disappear, thieves stole the laptop with a tracker.

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Glitter Bomb Reveals Insights into San Francisco Car Break-Ins

Rober wanted to track San Francisco‘s rising car break-ins, not just for revenge. His research showed that many of these incidents were committed by humans, generally on foot or bicycles. Car thieves often utilize stolen or unregistered plates. Most stolen electronics were sold promptly for cash in street markets.

Rober learned about city car break-ins via the glitter bomb experiment. While the creative technique was vigilante justice, it also revealed the prevalence of individual thefts and street market theft disposal. Rober’s novel approach sought personal revenge and improved understanding of San Francisco car thefts.

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