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A Pregnant Texas Teen, And Her Boyfriend Matthew Guerra, Get Killed 

Arrest Made in TWU Apartment Shooting: 18-Year-Old Dallas Man Arrested for Injuring Pregnant Woman and Theft (Photo: Blavity)
Arrest Made in TWU Apartment Shooting: 18-Year-Old Dallas Man Arrested for Injuring Pregnant Woman and Theft (Photo: Blavity)

Following two arrests, the relatives of Savanah Nicole Soto, a pregnant adolescent from Texas, who was killed in December, and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, who also died with her, have come out.

What Happened?

Soto, eighteen, was nine months along with her baby and one week overdue. After skipping their scheduled induction appointment in late December, she and Guerra, 21, were listed as missing. They were discovered dead from gunshot wounds in Guerra’s car on December 26. They looked to have been killed on December 21 soon before midnight, according to the police.

The 19-year-old Christopher Preciado is accused of capital murder. Ramon Preciado, 53, his father, is accused of assisting his son in moving Soto and Guerra’s bodies after they were killed. This is known as abuse of a body. Ramon Preciado did not take part in the killings, according to the police. San Antonio police claimed at a press conference on Friday morning that the father and son were both accused of tampering, destroying, and hiding evidence. According to authorities, Ramon was assisting with the inquiry.

Culprit Charged With Capital Murder

Matthew Guerra

Source: CNN

According to KENS-TV, district attorney Joe Gonzales stated on Thursday that it is too soon to determine if his office will seek Christopher Preciado’s execution. Gonzales did mention that if Soto’s unborn child dies, the teenager might be charged with a second capital murder.

“Nothing is going to fix the heartaches that” Soto and his family are going through, Jordan Cordova, Soto’s brother, told the station. Soto’s passing is reminiscent of a previous tragedy: according to Corona, his 15-year-old younger brother Ethan Soto was killed in May 2022.

“The thing I tell myself is that my little brother, he needed them more and she needed my little brother more,” Corona stated. “That’s all she’d talk about how she wanted Ethan to witness her be a mom.”

Preciado reported to police that Guerra had pointed a gun at him, but detectives found that Preciado’s account did not match the gunshot wounds that Guerra and Soto sustained. Soto and Guerra were shot behind the ears, according to statements made by family members in the past.

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