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A Suspect In A Sexual Assault In Denton Is Arrested Thanks To DNA Evidence

DNA technology advancements (Photo: QIAGEN)

DNA evidence led to Jason Warren’s arrest and indictment in relation to two sexual assault incidents after a multi-year investigation into the sexual attack.

DNA Index System

Warren was connected to an attack at a residence in the 2400 block of Charlotte Street on March 8, 2020, according to investigators. Warren broke in, the victim said police, and then he forced her onto her bed. But when she refused, he took off, according to the police. After gathering evidence, which was examined in a lab, detectives put an unidentified DNA profile into the law enforcement database maintained by the Combined DNA Index System.

On November 7, 2020, eight months later, according to the police, Warren knocked on the door of a different woman in the 2500 block of Charlotte Street. According to police reports, he struck up a friendly discussion with the woman before breaking into her flat and attacking her sexually. An unidentified male’s DNA profile was acquired at the time, and a forensic examination kit was finished.

What Happened?

The DNA profiles created in the two cases were connected, and Denton police learned of this one month later in December. For more DNA testing, they asked the Dallas FBI for assistance.

A cousin of the as-yet-unidentified suspect was identified as a consequence of these efforts in November 2023. Further research into the family history turned out the Warren, a Marshall resident who had formerly resided in Denton.


Source: CNN

Following the collection of a DNA sample from the 38-year-old suspect, the lab’s research revealed that Warren’s DNA profile could not be ruled out as a possible contributor to the samples.

Warren was charged on January 9th with two charges of first-degree burglary of habitation with sexual motivation. In addition to a criminal trespass warrant from the Waco Police Department for occupancy, he was taken into custody on Thursday, January 11 on the basis of two Denton warrants. He was placed under arrest with a $210,000 bond at the Harrison County Jail.Right now, he’s being taken to the Denton County Jail.

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