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According To Ipsos Survey, Economic Concerns Might Cost Biden Some Of His 2020 Followers

President Biden’s SAVE Plan, The Next Battleground On Legal Fight Over Student Loan Relief Photo From: CBS

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, many Americans who voted for U.S. President Joe Biden in 2020 said they think the economy has performed badly under his leadership and that they might not support him in the 2024 election.

Supporters Can Vote For Anyone

Biden, a Democrat who beat former Republican President Donald Trump in 2020, may face his old rival again the following year. Trump, who leads the Republican primary race, was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday to answer to a third criminal charge.

Which of the two would you vote for “if the presidential election were held today,” the poll’s respondents were asked. Additionally, 19% of Biden’s supporters who took part in the poll indicated they weren’t sure or that they would vote for someone other than Biden or Trump. Trump was chosen by 6% of Biden’s 2020 supporters.

According to the survey, 42% of Biden’s 2020 supporters believe the economy is “worse” now than it was in 2020, compared to 33% who believe it is “better” and 24% who believe it is “about the same.”

The poll findings highlight a trend that White House representatives are attempting to reverse with travels this month to cities and towns around the nation to increase awareness of Biden’s initiatives to boost the economy. From August 7 to 10, Biden will go to Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah to tout how his Inflation Reduction Act bill would encourage manufacturing and combat climate change.

About 50% of those who supported Biden in the 2020 election stated they had heard little to nothing about his big policy plans to lower inflation or increase investment on infrastructure.

78% of Biden’s 2020 supporters in the survey indicated they approved of his presidency, far more than the general 40% approval level.

A Significant Gap Among Biden’s 2020 Supporters


Source: CNBC’s

In contrast to 2020 Biden voters who felt the president is doing a good job, those who disapprove of his performance were about twice as likely to think inflation was America’s largest concern. The risks of political radicalism are often stressed more by Biden supporters.

“The difference is the focus on inflation and the cost of living,” explained Chris Jackson, a public opinion researcher at the polling company Ipsos, which conducts surveys for Reuters and other media outlets. He said that Biden still had time to win back his disgruntled followers.

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